Google Buys Cybersecurity Firm Mandiant for $5.4 Billion

Google Buys Mandiant

Google Buys Mandiant

Google is officially buying threat intelligence and incident response company Mandiant in an all-cash deal approximately valued at $5.4 billion, the two technology firms announced Tuesday.

Mandiant is expected to be folded into Google Cloud upon the closure of the acquisition, which is slated to happen later this year, adding to the latter’s growing portfolio of security offerings such as BeyondCorp Enterprise, VirusTotal, Chronicle, and the Cybersecurity Action Team.

“Today, organizations are facing cybersecurity challenges that have accelerated in frequency, severity, and diversity, creating a global security imperative, … To address these risks, enterprises need to be able to detect and respond to adversaries quickly; analyze and automate threat intelligence to scale threat detection across organizations; orchestrate and automate remediation; validate their protection against known threats; visualize their IT environment in order to identify and simulate new threats.”


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Mandiant became a standalone entity again in June 2021 when FireEye, which acquired the company in 2013, sold its products business and the FireEye brand for $1.2 billion to a consortium led by a private-equity firm Symphony Technology Group.

Symphony, which also acquired McAfee Enterprise for $4 billion in March 2021, combined the two businesses to launch Trellix earlier this year.

The cybersecurity firm is best known for uncovering and investigating the supply chain compromise of SolarWinds, a devastating cyberattack that affected thousands of its downstream customers and went unnoticed for months until its discovery in December 2020.


Google Buys Mandiant

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