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Google Analytics SEO Ranking

Here’s the second round of our top 5 visited articles for the month of April. Today, we will feature our top “How To” articles which according to Google have the highest sessions this month.

We have decided to include How to tutorials for computer engineers and alike, as well as those with no technical backgrounds. This is to make sure that we accommodate different demographics, and make them benefit from our technical knowledge.

The following How To’s can be addressed to students,computer engineers, and IT professionals focusing on different aspects of programming. On the other hand, Other How-To’s teach our viewers on different hack to optimize their web browsing.

5 Websites Teaching You How to Hack

There are many career paths a computer engineer can do. They can be on hardware development, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity.

If they chose to be a cybersecurity expert, then this article about Hacking tutorials can be a good start. It provides you 5 website that will legally teach you how to hack. These websites will give you various problems and numerous challenges before moving up to the next level.

If you really plan to be a cyber security expert, visiting this article of ours is the best start.

How To Create a Simple Registration and Login System with PHP and MySQL

This has been a great resource of computer engineering student and IT students as well.

It will teach you how to create this basic system of registration and login system. It is composed of 9 sub-topics that teach you create the system from scratch to finish. The good thing about this article is that if you are not able to follow the instructions, or did not able to copy the codes correctly, we provide you a ZIP file of the complete working code.

From there, you can modify the whole code as you wish and present to your professor.

Which Port to Use for PC Monitor

This article tackles the different ports that you can use for your monitor.

Since the display of your monitor affects your viewing experience, optimizing its capacity will give you the best experience.

Some monitors offer DisplayPort, while others offer HDMI port. However, Either HDMI or DisplayPort is a good choice since both are offering high resolution output. The best option is which one is compatible with your monitor and pc.

Other considerations before buying which one is the best for you is written in the article, check it out.

Simple Ways to Boot Your PC as Fast as Possible

Nowadays, productivity slows down when your PC boot up time is long. There could be a problem in the system itself, or in the hardware parts currently installed in your PC.

This article will tell you what could be the possible problem, and what solutions can you perform to make your PC boot faster.

We have tackled therein are 3 easiest ways to make your PC boot faster. It involves changing of hardware components and tweaking of some built-in apps that causes your boot up time slow.

If you want to know those 3 simple ways, visit the article now.

4 Essential Tools of a Computer Engineer

Our 5th Article addresses the basic items of computer engineering profession.

In this article, we provide the most important tools and devices that computer engineers should always bring. What do you think of the 1st device they should always bring at home or at work?

The list of tools indicated here are for hardware and software majors that is essential in their work and career.

To give you our # 1 essential device, it is the laptop. It is not only for computer engineers, but for all ages, for all professions, for everybody as well. It made significant changes in our lives, most especially during this pandemic.

Other tools can be viewed by reading the article

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the 5 most view articles today are inter-connected. Yes, that’s right. We correlated all those articles for your benefit, our viewers. And we are not finish yet. You can always save our article in your devices, or bookmark the page you are viewing for easy search.

We plan to becoming one of the Authority Blogs not only for computer engineers but for IT professionals and average people as well who just want to learn different How-To tutorials.

The road is rocky and bumpy, but will continue to give you the knowledge the you need in this ever-growing technology.  We are planning to expand and reach more readers.

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Thank you for the support!

Google Analytics SEO Ranking

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