This is how much Google Adsense paid me for my 40K+ Website Traffic during the COVID-19 hype

Google Adsnse

Thank you, Google Adsense, even during this pandemic, you still give us extra income!

I started blogging in January of 2014. But, I never thought of monetizing the website because I was studying back then. Also, I wasn’t prepared to purchase a premium account in Blogger. And I don’t even know how it works until 2018.

Furthermore, I wasn’t thinking of making a blog as a side hustle. I was focused on having a 9–5 corporate job. I thought of receiving reasonable compensation that would suffice my expenses. However, since my employment, I’m disappointed with how the corporate world works.

So, I decided to pursue my unfinished business in 2014. Since I have my corporate job, I can purchase my domain in January 2019. I’ve been optimistic that it would create extra hustle for me. In reality, I couldn’t get the approval of the monetization of my website. I waited 6 months or so to get it approved by Google Adsense.

6 months of waiting made me write articles regarding any topic. But, I learned that to get good pay from google, I should learn and apply SEO, link-building, narrowing down a niche, etc. Until I got monetized in October and started earning in January 2020.

See how Google Adsense gives us extra income even during this pandemic.

Tech Hacks

I’m a Computer Engineer by profession so I chose Technology as my niche. I entice my readers by including “HACK” or “HACKS” in my title and my focus phrases. My first article which allows me to earn has been this link.

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My website traffic from January 2020 to March 2020

This is my Google Analytics from January 2020 up to March 15, 2020, before our nation’s total lockdown.

You can observe that my daily traffic reach was 500+.

I was a little bit frustrated about how this blogging works at first. But when I saw a small progress, I pursue it and will wait for the outcome.

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My average income from January 2020 to March 2020

The daily average income that I earned for 2 months was $0.20. Was it bad? I don’t think so. As long as the results of my hustle are noticeable. It’s alright.

Premium Netflix Hack

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I tried to mix up things and landed on this article. How to provide free premium accounts for those unfortunate to subscribe to Netflix’s app.

I searched for different sites that have free giveaways. I study how they work and looked for how to generate free accounts and receive positive feedback from users.

This article has been mooning since March 15, 2020. The main reason I think it continues to grow is the Netflix Weekly Update of free accounts.

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March 15, 2020 — June 15, 2020, Google Analytics

If you differentiate the analytics from the previous one, from 500+ web traffic, it went up to 3000+ traffic. It has an average of 1,400+ daily traffic.

I think the reason why it boomed because of the lockdown. Many people are looking for things, kinds of stuff, and ideas to consume their time. They are looking for entertainment sites like Netflix.

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My daily average income was $2.95, with average monthly earnings of $90 — $100.

For experts, this earning is shallow. And they’re 100% correct. However, I would like to express that I’ve been blogging for 18 months. And I am planning, learning how to make more money from it.

I’m thinking of it’s a good idea to “Boost” my articles on Facebook. And select countries which I think has a higher rate of revenue.

According to my Google Adsense Report, I have higher CPM in Singapore, US, UK & Germany for the last 30 days. So if I place my article on Facebook and target audience residing in those particular areas, it may help me earn a little more.

Additionally, I’m new to Google Adsense. And they’re changing the algorithm for better user experience. There are factors that I don’t know yet which could affect my website’s traffic.

Final Thoughts

To date, I’m looking for ways to essentially grow my website traffic. And I am currently focusing on publishing more content. I think that’s one way of catering to my viewers’ expectations.

If you have suggestions on how to grow my website traffic, please share your Medium article. If you find this article interesting, your claps are appreciated.

I don’t think that I am the only one who experienced how Google adsense provide for us even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you Google!

  1. Because of how much i have struggled with consistency, I find this article really inspiring. Like some already mentioned you would earn a lot more with your traffic from ad networks like epic and mediavine. Cheers to more wins.

  2. Good to know. I used to earn a little from Google Adsense in the beginning but then my focus kinda drifted away from it to the sponsored content.

  3. It’s always good to see the improvement of earnings. Congrats to that! I’m thinking other ads company although I’m at ease with google Adsense as I find it easy to put up. Good luck on our blogging journey!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Awesome article! I’m interested, I hope to get the approval of adsense soon. This article will really helps me.

  5. Okay, so why on earth are you on Google Adsense with that many sessions? I mean I am glad you have found a bit of success but with that many sessions you are making pennies when you should be making thousands. I am sure you know by now but just in case, if you have over 20,000 sessions a month for 3 months straight and it is all legit traffic, Mediavine will pay you $1,000+ USD and if they deny you, then reach out to Ezoic because for that amount of sessions you should be averaging at least $750 – $1500 on passive ads. Time to dump Google Adsense my friend.

  6. I always wondered how much money can one really make from adsense. $100 a month, if steady is not so bad, although you hear reports of 1000s (adsense or affiliate links) I hope you manage to grow your blog! I think it is amazing you had your blog since 2014! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Trying to grow our traffic is one thing I feel bloggers are always working on, but personally I think consistency and patience will definitely get you there.

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