How Can Globe Help Make Working from Home Better

• Globe can help you make working from home better.

At a time where everyone is working, shopping, and doing most of their responsibilities online, it’s now more important than ever to have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, it’s going to be impossible to accomplish any of your tasks. For this not to happen, you need to have a stable internet service provider who can keep up with your needs.

The Philippines is notorious for slower internet speeds, so it’s not that uncommon to have disruptions or problems with your connection. This can be a productivity killer, and you may miss some critical deadlines if your data or Wi-Fi stops working.

Fortunately, Globe has different plans and packages that can meet your needs. Here’s how Globe can help make working from home better.

Reliable broadband plans that suit anyone

How do you find an internet package that suits you? There are several things to consider.

  • First, you need to ask how many people are going to be using an internet connection. If it’s just you, you may be able to work with home prepaid Wi-Fi plans.
  • Next, factor in the nature of your work. Do you need to download and upload large files continuously? Are you always going to be taking video conference calls or streaming webinars? Consider bumping up your plan or going for unlimited internet options offered by Globe broadband.
  • Lastly, what’s your budget? The faster your internet speed is, the higher you will likely have to shell out. So, be careful in canvassing which plan you need.

Globe offers many affordable plans for any work set-up, making it easy for you to pay only for what you need. For instance, they have an Xtreme Wi-Fi Plan with a renewing 140GB data allocation for only Php 999/month. This may suit writers who only need the internet for web browsing.

Connecting with your team is easier

Do you need to step out for quick errands, but have to be online and in constant contact with your team? There are Globe postpaid or prepaid options that come in handy whenever this happens. This makes answering chats and emails possible when you’re on the go, so even if you and your team are working remotely, you still can communicate with each other.

Plus, you can also use your plan to get unlimited calls and texts, depending on your budget or needs. It’s handy when your teammate has a poor connection and you need to reach them quickly.

Your postpaid or prepaid plan can also be used with freebies to maximize what you’re paying for, as well as keep in touch with your loved ones. Don’t forget your rest days, too!

Take your job anywhere

Because everything is digital now, you can work anywhere or transition your tasks to different gadgets without a hassle. Plus, you’ll never lose your connection, since you’re equipped with powerful and reliable Globe plans.

With the internet on your fingertips, it’s easier to learn new skills and accomplish your job faster, while still communicating and collaborating with your teammates. There’s also more autonomy and independence as you learn how to navigate your schedules on your own.

Stay Connected with Stable Internet

The internet has become a necessity at the time of this pandemic when most people have now resorted to making a living online.

Don’t get left behind! By entrusting Globe as your internet service provider, you can be sure to achieve your tasks and get things done, whether you choose to opt for high-speed broadband plans or stick it out with postpaid or prepaid plans. Stay safe at home and do more with Globe.

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