Free Hulu Accounts and Passwords 2021

50+ Free Hulu Accounts and Passwords 2021 [100% Working / Updated]

Free Hulu Accounts and Passwords 2021

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an on-demand video streaming platform. It has been around for more than a decade. Hulu is one of the best and largest streaming platforms in the United States with more than 39 million subscribers.

For many traditional cable subscribers, Hulu also represents an excellent cable-cutting alternative. Not only does it have an enormous library of around 2,500 movies and more than 40,000 episodes from thousands of TV shows, it also has a plan to stream live TV through the Hulu + Live TV program (more on this shortly).

One controversial aspect that separates Hulu from most of its rivals is the use of ads. The cheapest plans (and bundles) feature ads in the content, similar to what you would see on network television. Paying for a service and still seeing ads might be disappointing for some users, but it does help keep the cost low.

They’ll have to pay twice for those who don’t want to see any ads. Unlike many other streaming services, you can also pay for premium add-ons individually for things likes unlimited simultaneous streams, TV channels, and more.

How does Hulu work?

Hulu is a bit more complicated to use than other streaming services, especially if you’re subscribed to a Hulu + Live TV plan. Essentially though, it works the same, with a remote server that houses the content. You connect to this server on your device (mobile phone, tablet, smart TV, etc.) and start streaming.

No matter which plan you choose, you will have to answer a few questions before you can start streaming the first time. This is largely to see what kind of content you’re interested in for recommendations, and it can be skipped if you want to start streaming even sooner.

If you’re a Hulu + Live TV subscriber, you have to set up a home network in order to gain access to local TV channels. You can only have one Home network, but you can change it up to four times a year for free. You will not be able to stream TV stations on non-mobile devices while away from your home network.

Where is Hulu available?

Unlike most of its major streaming competitors, Hulu is only available in the United States. The streaming content may be accessed from US territories overseas, such as Puerto Rico and military bases in Japan, but Live TV service is only available at a single residence in the US. It also doesn’t officially work with VPNs or anonymizers.

Hulu subscription plans

  • Hulu — $5.99
    • Access to the streaming library, with ads.
  • Hulu (no ads) — $11.99
    • Access to the streaming library, without ads.
  • Hulu + Live TV — $64.99
    • Access to the streaming library (with ads) and 60+ live TV channels.
  • Hulu + Live TV (no ads) — $70.99
    • Access to the streaming library (without ads) and 60+ live TV channels.

Can I get Hulu for free?

The Hulu streaming plans include a 30 day free trial, and the Hulu + Live TV plans have a seven-day free trial. You don’t need to do anything special to gain access to these offers, just sign up and you’ll automatically get the free trial!

Hulu Free Accounts 2021

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Free Hulu Accounts and Passwords 2021

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