3 Ways to Speed Up Boot Time of Your Windows 10 PC

Faster Boot Up Time Windows 10 PC

Have you experienced a long time boot-up of your windows PC or Laptop? If yes, we are here to assist you, to make your windows device boot faster than before.

Computers have been developed. From megahertz to gigahertz, everything is speeding up. Yet, booting still takes a little time. There are many reasons why it’s happening. We are here to fix those issues. 

We have the simplest way to boot up your pc. Even if your not a tech-savvy person, we’ve got you covered. No more extra jargons, check the list below. 

Enabling Windows’ Fast StartUp Mode

Here is the directory where to find the Fast Startup Option Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings – (copy and paste it on the address bar)

Or, you can follow the steps below.

First, press the Windows icon on your keyboard, then press “enter”. You’ll be prompted of this window. 

See the “Related Settings”? Click on the “Additional power settings” below it. 

After that, click on the “Choose what the power button does” on the upper left corner of the window. You’ll see the window below.

At the shutdown settings, make sure that the “Turn on Fast Startup” is checked. Basically, it is automatically checked. If your PCs not yet modified, then it’s good. That’s one way to speed up the boot time of your Windows pc.

Disabling Startup Programs

The more applications during startup, the longer your pc will take to get into a usable state. There are programs that are necessary during startup, but too much is not advisable. 

Let’s check your programs at startup. 

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to pen up Task Manager. 

You will be prompted with this. Then, click on the Startup tab. There’s a list of programs that start with your pc. You’ll notice on the top right corner of the window the booting time of your pc. If that number is high, then, you may want to check your BIOS settings.  

In my case, my boot time is 3.8 seconds. Fast enough. 

If you notice the list of programs in the task manager, not all programs listed don’t need at startup. As you can see in the image, almost all programs are disabled. Games launcher, printer, Cortana, Adobe, and others do not need to be in the startup program. Once disabled, you’ll notice the difference in startup boot time of your windows device.

Upgrade to a Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Hard Disk Drives will be obsolete. Those mechanical hard drives you have purchased are no longer supported by new motherboards today. Manufacturers moved on to Solid-State Drives, or SSDs, which is much faster. 

Still using those hard disk drives? It’s time for an upgrade. 

It will help your PC boot much faster.

Do this to increase your SSD's lifespan! - CNET

However, before buying one, make sure it is compatible with your existing PC. Price of the SSD varies depending on its storage sizes. 

A Samsung 870 EVO SSD can be bought at 65$ for 500GB. 

Also, SSDs also vary. There is M.2 SSD and NVME SSD available in the market. Both are SSDs, choose which one is compatible with your Windows PC. 

Best SSD 2021: The Fastest Solid-State Drive for Your Gaming PC - IGN

Let your Windows PC Sleep

Booting up your hard drive is slower than resuming from sleep. If booting up really takes time on your laptop, you may want to consider putting it to sleep, then shutting it down. 

However, putting your device to sleep can be used depending on the scenario. If you will not use your Windows PC for long, Shutting it down is the best solution. But if you will boot it daily, putting it to sleep is much more recommended.

It may cost battery loss sometime, but it will fix your booting up problems. 


Let’s recap the 3 simple ways to speed up the boot time of your Windows PC. The first is to make sure that “Fast StartUp” is activated. Second, check on the list of programs during startup. Not all programs are required to open during startup. You can disable those programs using Task Manager Window. Lastly, upgrading your Hard Disk, you may want to upgrade your disk drives from mechanical ones to Solid State Drives. 

Faster Boot Up Time Windows 10 PC

  1. Awesome tips, didn’t know how to remove programs from bootup. I have to try this as I think I have so many programs that start up with the computer.

  2. Finally something I actually know how to do. I have had to do this before on my computer. I really love how you explained it though. So much easier than other tutorials I have found online.

  3. This is very informative. I also have a problem with troubleshooting, my laptop always keeps on erroring with the blue screen.

  4. This is a good information. My sister would benefit from this post because of the hacks you listed. Thanks!

  5. I have had to do this before because my computer was very slow. It is better now, but I’m thinking it’s almost time for a new computer.

  6. Really useful tips, one of my laptops I use for teaching Online is running slowly, so I will put these tips into practice!

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