5 Facebook Pages Every Computer Engineers Should Follow – v1.0

Every computer engineer has to have Facebook Pages that they should follow. It is embedded in our genes and profession to keep updated in different sectors of technology. Since, in my opinion, we have the widest and largest scope, we should be more knowledgeable about these technology areas.

There are many social media platforms today, we have Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. Today, I vouch for Twitter as the best source of intelligence for Computer Engineering students and Computer Engineers as well. In this topic, we will use Facebook pages.

Social media platforms like Facebook should not be used for entertainment purposes only. But more specifically, for learning and education as well. We should avoid using it for wrongdoings and nonsense things.

In this blog, we will share with you different Facebook pages that I think suits best for Computer Engineers. This is composed of different technical areas. They are commonly the content of my Facebook Newsfeed.

PC Magazine (PC Mag)

Facebook Pages to Follow

PC Mag or PC Magazine is my first pick. Since we are computer engineers, Following PC Magazine is the best choice. The PC Mag has composed of many articles about PCs. In depth, the PC Mag also posts daily content about software and hardware articles about PCs.

They also feature different programs and applications that is helpful for everyone. They are very keen on reviewing PC Parts and PC software. Thy are genuine on their review. Aside from various reviews, they also tackle latest technology news and updates.

Facebook Pages to Follow

The Hacker News

Facebook Pages to Follow

The Hacker News is said to be the:

Most trusted, widely-read infosec source of the latest hacking news, cyberattacks, computer security, and cybersecurity for ethical hackers, penetration testers, and information technology professionals.

This was based on their about section of their Facebook page. Also, according to them,

The Hacker News – attracting over 9 Million monthly readers – a leading source for Hacking, Cyber Security & Technology News for the Technologists & Nerds.

These claims are true and genuine. If you visit their website, they have lots of hacking news. Also, they are selling different cybersecurity bundles and learning materials to get ahead of the competition.

The Hacker News features different software and hardware vulnerabilities. Aside from that, they also create content on how to prevent a cyber-attack. Also, they write content on different cybersecurity, information security, technology updates.

You can also find in their website the various solutions if you are a victim of cybercrime.

Facebook Pages to Follow

Android Authority

Facebook Pages to Follow

This is my pick on technology news on smartphones. According to their Facebook page’s about section;

Android Authority is your source for Android! All the latest news, reviews, opinions, videos, giveaways, and more. If you buy our editorially-chosen picks we may earn an affiliate commission.

I’ve been following the Android Authority since 2015. Their review contents on Android devices are all superb.

Apart from android smartphone reviews, they also review various android accessories to optimize the potential of an android device. These reviews include earphones, earbuds, watches, smart TVs, and many more.

Facebook Pages to Follow


The Kickstarter is where innovations are posted. Basically, the projects on the Kickstarter are looking for funds. These funds will eventually help them to produce and manufacture their products.

Facebook Pages to Follow

The Kickstarter page and website can help computer engineers in their research paper, capstone, or thesis writing. Once you visit the Kickstarter website, under the Design and Tech tab, you will find thousands of computer engineering topics.

There are innovations, and updates you can upgrade which is useful to you and for everybody. However, building this projects requires funds.

That’s why the Kickstarter also serves a fundraising platform for the project owners. Once they get support from the viewers, and reached their fund proposal, then they will start production.

Try visiting it now to get updates on existing and forthcoming technologies.

Facebook Pages to Follow

XDA Developers

Facebook Pages to Follow

My first glance at the XDA Developers Forum was when I had the Samsung Galaxy series phones. The XDA is composed of different tutorials and “How-to” lessons. Back then, “How to root this phone” are the common topics that bring traffic to XDA.

The XDA Developers forum contains numerous codes and tweaks to every smart device. Additionally, they are developing different apps that can be uploaded on the Playstore. If you can’t find the app, the Forum also gives you useful APK file extensions.

Aside from the smart devices’ forum, they also review various technology and devices. Also, they give cracked software you are needing.

They state that;

We’re the premiere Android development community. Browse the XDA forums for your device and learn how to get the most from your tablet or phone.

Their claim as the “Premiere Android Development Community” is authentic. I used to visit their forum. If you are into programming, computer engineer, you might wanna try visiting their FB Page and website.

Facebook Pages to Follow


As a Professional Computer Engineer, we should continue learning. We have to get the latest update in our field. This will help us to be competitive. The ability to know everything around technology will give us the advantage. Nobody can fool us. No one can can take advantage of us.

The good thing about social media, like Facebook, is we can keep track on the daily developments of technology. Just follow a Facebook page, then there you go. Your newsfeed has daily tech updates.

To sum up the Facebook Page to follow by a computer engineer, here is the list.

  • PC Magazine
  • The hacker News
  • Android Authority
  • XDA Developers Forum
  • Kickstarter

The list on the Facebook pages to follow is short. But, eventually we will write another content for the benefit of our readers.

  1. Few years ago I started learning how to programme but I became very busy so I gave up but I’m still in programing groups and I’ll share this post with the programmers.

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