Estrada Vs Arroyo Case Digest, GR No. 146710 – 15, March 2, 2001

Estrada Vs Arroyo Case Digest

Estrada Vs Arroyo Case Digest

On the line in the cases at bar is the office of the President. Petitioner Joseph Ejercito Estrada alleges that he is the President on leave while respondent Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo claims she is the President. The warring personalities are important enough but more transcendental are the constitutional issues embedded on the parties’ dispute. While the significant issues are many, the jugular issue involves the relationship between the ruler and the ruled in a democracy, Philippine style.

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The impeachment court decided not to open the controversial envelope. The prosecutors tendered their resignation. The Senate postponed the impeachment proceeding indefinitely. People started marching towards EDSA to call for Estrada’s resignation. AFP and PNP declared that they are withdrawing their support of the Estrada administration. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo took oath as the New President of the Republic of the Philippines. Then Estrada and his family hurriedly left Malacañang.


Whether or Not Estrada resigned officially as a president


By virtue of his letter, Estrada has officially resigned and has in effect, relinquished his power as president. The Congress had also expressed support to the new administration and that decision made by co-equal branch of government cannot be reviewed by the Supreme Court

Petition is dismissed

Estrada Vs Arroyo Case Digest

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