How this 3-year-old Astrology, Tarot Reading S’pore Startup grew to 180K Consultations/Mth

Emerging Vision Spiritual Wellness

Emerging Vision Spiritual Wellness

You no longer need to search high and low for a spiritual guide to provide you divination for the uncertain future, or browse through the latest horoscope reading and try to decipher what the reading meant for you.

Emerging Vision owns the Teller Live app, which is for IOS devices, and Guruji, for Android devices.

These platforms aim to provide a suite of spiritual wellness virtual services like tarot reading and life coaching sessions.

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Founder is an “Accredited” Tarot Reader

A self-proclaimed tarot reading expert, founder, and CEO Alan Cui is not just some hocus pocus gimmicky fortune teller.

He tapped on his wealth of experience in video streaming and his passion for astrology to set up Emerging Vision, as he believed in the growing interest in this space.

Image Source: Teller Live

What are the Services Available?

Emerging Vision’s apps offer free live public sessions for new users as part of induction to the app and the spiritual wellness community.

The platforms also provide private paid live sessions for customized consultations.

A Generation Z thing?

On its unusual offering of spiritual well-being services, Alan commented: “Although spiritual services involve centuries-old ancient practices that have existed in myriad forms across countries and religions, the market is highly fragmented and traditionally operates offline.”

The business targets the younger audience – Generation Z-ers who are more open to seeking spiritual enlightenment from tarot and astrology reading.

This app guides as a new transformative approach towards pursuing spiritual wellness amid a fast-growing global demand for wellness solutions.


Emerging Vision Spiritual Wellness

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