Effects of Axie Infinity – More Filipinos are Chasing Small Love Potions

Effects of Axie Infinity

If you reside in the Philippines, you can earn as much as Php 3,750.00 per day. It is way more than the minimum daily wage of Php 537.00.


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Chasing Small Love Potions

The ₱3,750.00 per day can earn by just playing Axie Infinity. The Axie Infinity has been gaining traction since it entered the world of gamers. It also popularizes the gaming term “Play-To-Earn”. The ₱3,750.00 per day can be earned by accumulating Small Love Potions in Axie Infinity.

Small Love Potions or SLP is an uncapped utility token that is used to breed new Axies. This utility token can be obtained by playing the game Axie Infinity, buying through Uniswap, or earned by participating in various promotions or tournaments. SLPs are consumed each time you breed an Axie.

Every day, you can earn up to 250 SLPs in a single account. One SLP as of this writing costs $0.3134 or ₱17.08. Obtaining 250 SLPs a day that cost around ₱17.00, can actually give Php 4,250 a day.

More than the Minimum

The minimum wage in the Philippines varies depending on what region a person resides. If he is in the National Capital Region, then his minimum daily wage is ₱537.00. But if he resides in Regions I and VIII, their daily minimum wage is ₱295.00.

By working 8 hours in a company, or in a local government unit, you can earn these minimum wages. However, playing Axie Infinity is different. You can earn the daily minimum wage in just 2 hours. Playing 1 to 2 hours of Axie can give you 100 Small Love Potions.

Even you are not a degree holder, you can play this game and earn the said amount.

Huge Investment

You can not play Axie Infinity without having Axies. According to their website,

Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure!

Build up a collection and use them across an ever expanding universe of games! Axie Infinity uses cutting edge technology called Blockchain to reward players for their engagement.

Axies are the main characters of Axie Infinity. They have different classes and skills. Obtaining a team of Axie is expensive. Either you buy 1 Axie and build a team, or buy a Team of Axie. As of this writing, one Axie can cost you $350, regardless of what class of Axie you want to buy. To build a team, you need 3 Axies which cost you more than $1000.

You are lucky if you bought a Team of Axie at a cheaper price. You can visit the Axie Infinity Marketplace to know more about the current prices.


It is true that obtaining a team of Axie is expensive. It’ll cost you more than a thousand bucks before playing. However, that is not a problem. Due to its popularity and big returns to the owner, these owners offer a “Scholarship”. The owner will let the “Scholar” play its Axie and instructed the scholar to earn some Small Love Potions.

The agreement between these two parties is usually 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 of the total SLP earned. In this case, the Manager will buy a team of Axie worth a thousand bucks, and then forward it to his scholars for them to start playing. A scholar can earn $30 a day or ₱1,500.00

This is a huge opportunity for people who have plenty of time. Playing for just 3 hours without paying $1,000 just to play the game is a great deal. The only thing that rattles you is not getting the quota or the amount of SLP you have to earn a day.

Axie Infinity Review and Final Thoughts

It is a big slap on the face of the Philippine Government.

This is alarming on all fronts of the Philippine government, and other governments as well. Imagine those people with no degree, earning twice the minimum wage of a professional. If we talk about fighting poverty, then playing this game without any kind of degree is an option.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need any educational achievement anymore. It is just a side hustle where it can help you and your family to pay some rent.

For managers, it’s a long-term investment, you’ll surely gain more than 100% of the profit from playing Axie Infinity, but be discreet. The taxing agency of the government is eyeing you.

I’m waiting for the BIR to make some moves. Haha!

Effects of Axie Infinity

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