DILG memorandum baffles Palayanos

DILG memorandum baffles Palayan City

The Department of Interior and Local Government on July 29, 2019 released Memorandum Circular 121 – 2019. This DILG memorandum refers to the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte during the 4th State of the Nation Address to clear roads of illegal structures and constructions.

The memorandum issues the local chief executives to reclaim all public roads from obstructions. Additionally, private entities which occupy thoroughfares must be at all cost remove their illegal constructions. Moreover, local authorities can revoke permits and certifications issued to them anytime.

Likewise, DILG demands LGUs to document significant results within 60 days of implementation.

Situation in Palayan City

In Palayan city, local authorities perform necessary measures to follow President Duterte’s order. Besides, LGU obliges barangay officials to follow orders to avoid non-compliance. Furthermore, administrative cases shall be filed against local officials pursuant to Local Government Code of 1991 if found disobedient.

Palayanos who realize their disobedience, follow DILG memorandum immediately. However, some citizens were not able to do so. Furthermore, they are questioning the memorandum whether it really demands the demolition of structures near the national roads. Additionally, they post pictures of utility poles of electric cooperative and corporation which must be the first to comply with the memorandum.

These pictures below show how the DILG memorandum baffles and frustrates Palayanos.

Today, some obstructions and illegal constructions along the national road had been demolished. On the other hand, citizens who hold land title aren’t afraid not to comply with the memorandum. Likewise, they believed that they have the right to occupy the area. However, according to this law, the government will take their property if necessary.

On top of that, the effectivity of the memorandum ends on September 30, 2019.

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