Digital Jobs Ph in Palayan City, N.E.

There are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) categorized businesses in Palayan City. These numbers help the city to boost its economy.  According to DTI – Palayan City, from January to July 2019, 166 businesses where registered and 85% were from the city. However, online workers / sellers and freelancers weren’t among the statistics.

Today, businesses and start-ups companies are increasing. The ability of each individual to market their products is boundless. From clothing, printing services, laundry shop, sneakers, almost all kinds of businesses are available online.

Social media platform like Facebook is an instrument to boost their sales. It is the current trend nowadays for online sellers to vend their products “Live” on this online platform. The devices they need are just their smartphone and internet connection. They can reach out even the farthest region.

Freelance and Online Selling

According to Randy Duermyer, freelancer is a self-employed individual or entity which works with different companies without permanent tenure. They offer services and consultation on a project basis. Although their relationship can be on-going and long-term. With that said, they are viewed as personal contractors as well.

Online selling is a kind of freelancing business where an individual sells a variety of products. This includes the marketing of clothes, smart devices, equipment and anything that is vendible in the market.

Other kinds of freelancing aside from online selling are copy-writing, graphics designing and web development.

The Role of the City

Majority of the populace in Palayan City are sari sari store owners and considered as Micro Enterprise. Other than that, there are business establishments that are big enough which employs more than 90 workers and are categorized as Medium enterprises. The local government unit of Palayan City, in partnership with DTI and NGA’s provide different assistance for the establishment and expansion of their particular industries.

The advent of technologies, specifically in digital marketing also help our stakeholders. In partnership with the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), the local government unit of Palayan City will hold the “DIGITAL JOBS PH” technical training.

According to Engr. Maria Sinag P. Abello, Information Technology Officer 1, OIC Provincial Head DICT -Nueva Ecija, this technical training aims:

  • to promote ICT enabled jobs as high – value economic activity in rural areas.
  • provides a venue of collaboration between online marketing collaboration for MSMEs
  • provide better service and more valuable training that are highly in-demand for online jobs worldwide. 

Schedule of screening for trainees as of this writing will be on August 5 onwards. Updated numbers of registered applicants reach to 100 and still counting. Amongst these numbers, 30 individuals will proceed to the training venue at DICT – Nueva Ecija Provincial office located at 2nd floor, Admin building, Palayan City Business Hub.


I consider myself as one of the freelancers. As a computer engineer, I have been applying my skills to increase my monthly income. The seminar to be conducted by our local government unit will surely helps us to further improve our capabilities. It will increase our knowledge on how we are going to sell our products and services with full legality.

For the online sellers and freelancers, I encourage you to develop your skills and talents to attract more potential clients. Learn all the legal grounds of your business to avoid irregularities. During kick-off ceremony, do not hesitate to ask question for clarification. Your questions might be valuable for everybody.

To our local government unit headed by our very supportive city mayor, Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas, I am very thankful for this opportunity. Your precedence to serve our citizen is a highly – commendable and visible. I hope that this endeavor is not the last for ICT-enabled government, but the commencement of valuable training and seminars in the field of ICT.

I envision my hometown to be ICT-powered city. That vision shall never vanish.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

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