5 Reasons Why Decentralized Cloud Storage Is the Future

decentralized cloud storage

Decentralized Cloud Storage

  • There is no single point of failure
  • Data is well secured
  • “Eyes only” access to personal data
  • Always accessible and available
  • Fast and efficient

Prior to the advent of blockchain technology, everything was done through centralized servers owned by a single organization or company. However, with the coming of blockchain, the concept of decentralization has now become a thing, and it keeps getting better.

The world is gradually moving towards the era of Web 3.0, and there cannot be a scalable decentralized web without an efficient decentralized storage system. With a decentralized storage system, data can be distributed into different bits and stored in various peer-2-peer (P2P) network nodes.

How Web 3.0 Decentralized Cloud Storage System Is Changing The Internet One Node At A Time

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Before now, we have had a few distributed data sharing systems like Napster, Bit torrent, etc., but they were not designed for infrastructure to be built on them.

However, Qchain has taken decentralized cloud storage to a new different level. For the purpose of this article, we shall use the Qchain product storage (QStorage) as a case study to explore why decentralized storage is the future. However, before we consider these reasons, let us take a look at the concept of Qchain Decentralized Cloud Storage.

Understanding Decentralized Storage

Qchain is an open-source, blockchain-powered decentralized cloud storage platform for both big companies and individuals The Qchain file storage is made of different storages allocated on the nodes by their owners. This storage can be created on any device that has a node installed in it.

You can connect any node to any repository for requests to upload a file to the repository or receive files from the storage itself. Saving a file on the QStorage can only happen after users’ transactions have been sent to save the file on the Qchain network.

Why DCS Is The Future

With Web 3.0 already happening, decentralized storage is undoubtedly the next logical step. Considering the fact that cloud storage offered by large corporations has a single point of failure, we have witnessed servers going offline and data breaches.

Unlike centralized cloud storage, DCS doesn’t store data in a single place. For example, QStorage encrypts and splits data into different parts and then distributes them among other network nodes. This offers a very high degree of security and privacy to users.


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