What Are The Essential Things To Know About Internet Security

cyber security tips 2020
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• Cyber Security Tips of 2020 are here to help you understand everything about internet security.

Internet security is also known in three different terms such as Information security(INFOSEC), Security Assurance(AI), and/or System Security. However, these terms both apply to certain different levels of information security.

Cybersecurity is designed to protect digital data where it is stored, transmitted, or used on an information system that the attackers are targeting.

Most of us are confused about security. And eventually having all sorts of protective mechanisms such as having a password or locking down computers.

In this Digital Era, hackers are becoming smart and creative with their malware. They can easily bypass virus scan and firewalls. They are using different types of cyberattacks that have plagued us.

Let’s get into brief information about these types.

General Malware

Malware is an all-encompassing term for a variety of cyber threats including Trojans, viruses, and bombs. It is simply defined as code with malicious intent 5o steal data or destroy something on the computer. 


Phishing attacks are sent via email and ask users to click on the link and enter personal data. You’ve got to be careful as phishing email has gotten much more sophisticated. This makes it difficult to know if it was a legitimate request for information.

Phishing email often falls into the same category as spam but is more harmful than just a simple ad.

Password attacks

It is a third party which is trying to access your system by cracking a user’s password. 

Man in the Middle

These are attacks by impersonating the endpoint in an online information exchange that’s connected from your smartphone to a website.

The MITM attacks can obtain information from the end-users and entities that he/she is communicating with.

MITM will receive all the information transferred between you and a website which could include sensitive data. Samples are bank accounts and personal information. 

Drive-By downloads

Through malware on a legitimate website, a program is downloaded to a user system just by visiting the site without any required type of action to download.


Is a way to compromise a computer with a malicious code that is downloaded to the system when you click on an affected ad.

Rogue Software

Basically, a malware masquerading as legitimate and necessary security software that keeps your system safe.

So as you can see, the Internet isn’t really a safe place. This is not only applied to as an individual but also to large organizations.

Even big companies like eBay, Adobe, LinkedIn, Apple and many more have actually gone through major cyber breaches. Even though they already have a lot of security measures that are taking actions.

You might think of a way on how to prevent your data from the attackers. But first, you need to know what are the three main activities that you are trying to protect. These are unauthorized modification, unauthorized deletion, and the most important is unauthorized access. These make CIA triad, also known as confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

What is a CIA Triad?

The CIA triad is also commonly referred to as the three pillars of security that are used by bigger organizations and even smaller companies. It provides vital security features that help to avoid compliance issues and ensure business continuity. Furthermore, it prevents reputation damage to the organization. 


It is a private measure undertaken to ensure confidentiality and designed to restrict unauthorized disclosure while making it available only to the intended parties.


It prevents data from being tampered with, modified or altered in an unauthorized way to achieve malicious goals. That means data that is sent must be received intact and unaltered by an authorized party. Integrity is essential for data whether it is in transit or it is in a storage media.


It is also a security service that ensures the constant availability of resources and services to only authorized parties in a timely manner.

Reliable hardware must be maintained in order to provide constant services to a large number of customers in any organization. There must be less downtime during upgrades and backup of sensitive data. Utilization external drives will be helpful in case of data loss.

Techniques to Keep Yourself Secure Through the Internet

So here are the Cyber security Tips of 2020.

Think before you click

Remember you are not supposed to click the link just because you see that you might be interested in it. A malicious link can harm you in several ways so do the right thing.

Avoid social engineering and phishing attacks

Social engineering range from phishing attacks where victims are tricked into providing confidential information when hackers cannot find a security vulnerability.

Recognizing and avoiding spyware

Spyware can be harmful but it can be prevented by installing an antivirus tool. Antivirus software can cause you to run a full scan of your computer as it is designed to remove spyware on your devices. 

Recognizing fake anti-virus

It’s usually a constant reminder about activating a certain product or deliberately using a loud and annoying alarm causing people to panic. A fake antivirus would not be easy to recognize for having a very professional look interface nowadays.

Understanding and using firewall

For those who have no idea about firewalls, it is the most important security feature you must have. It is a layer of protection between computers and cyberspace.

3 Types of Firewalls

Personal firewall which protects one computer or small home network.

Departmental firewall that protects small businesses and protects a limited amount of computers in one location.

Enterprise firewall helps protect sensitive information, research data, and support critical University operations of thousands of users in various locations.

Risk of file-sharing technology

File sharing is a process of transferring files from one computer to another. It allows users to share files using a peer-to-peer application. However, this process is causing a security risk to your computer.

It can be used by attackers by creating malicious code and exposing sensitive information. Using the P2P app requires you to open certain parts of your firewall to transmit files which gives the attacker access on your computer.

Using caution with email attachment

This one is the most popular and very convenient way to send documents. However, it is also a source of viruses that can quickly infect a lot of computers. In addition, some viruses does not require a user to forward the email. They can scan the users’ mailbox to find email addresses.

Closing Thoughts

We are hopeful that these cyber security tips of 2020 you’ve just read are in big help to you personally.

There are a lot of ways on how you can improve internet security. Click on the link to find more about how you can improve your online network. Or you may visit oganiza to find more related topics.

  1. Great information here! It’s amazing all of the different types of cyber attacks that you can fall victim too. I’m a big advocate for think before click. I get tons of emails and see loads of links every day but I’m always very cautious of the ones I actually open.

  2. Such a great article especially during this time when our internet is always vulnerable and at risk. I always tend to forget the importance of email attachment and to be extra cautious with what I’m sending!

  3. Nowadays, protecting digital data is very important. Nice tech review. Learnt something to remind me to be cautious. Thanks for the article. Very useful.

  4. This is super helpful. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of spam emails I get recently asking me to click on something. Now, even when a friend sends through a video, I ask them what it is of first so that I know it’s not been automatically sent as a virus. Thank you for this information.

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