CryptoDragons Dominates the Blockchain Space

CryptoDragons NFT Game.

CryptoDragons NFT Game

CryptoDragons has brought innovation to the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) market with its first-of-its-kind, decentralized  Metaverse based on 9 interwoven smart contracts on  Ethereum Blockchain. The technology incorporates a Battling Arena where NFT owners can compete for ETH or a rival’s dragon.

For the emergence of the Metaverse, there must first be the minting of an Egg, then hatching. After it the full package of the system unfolds – users can perform various activities such as collecting, breeding, fighting, renting, giving away dragons, and most importantly, earning.

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Buying a firstborn dragon Egg means having an Eggshell and the dragon NFTs later. After hatching, there will be three Common, Epic, and Legendary dragons, and the fourth Rare type will be the result of breeding.  However, only the Legendary dragons are earning: all Legendary owners will constantly receive 50% of the platform’s breeding earnings.  So, the Legendary NFT dragon holders have the opportunity to generate income just by keeping them.

The CryptoDragons team developed a Metaverse with breedable and collectible NFT dragons but also incorporated linguistic specifications such as dragon language (called Kassis), alphabet, grammar rules, phonetics, and more.

The CryptoDragons Metaverse combines entertainment with high-quality art and the application of high-end technology. The technical capabilities of the technology guarantee traceability, transparency, and security.

CryptoDragons deploys the use of an IPFS storage to store users’ NFTs, making it impossible for all captured metadata to be changed after their creation. This guarantees every user 100% ownership of their NFTs. CryptoDragons’ NFT dragons have the highest possible resolution on the Ethereum Blockchain. This implies that a user can zoom in to get a broader view of the dragon while the image still retains its sharpness.


CryptoDragons NFT Game

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