How to Create a Mobile App for Business

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What is Mobile App?

Mobile applications commonly referred to as a mobile app or simply app. It is a computer program/software application that runs into mobile devices. These days, android development is done with the tool called Android studio.

The first mobile application was built and designed in 1997. A built-in version of the basic arcade game “Snake” by Nokia 6110.

Mobile App Traction

Thereafter, the first iPod also came with built-in games: Solitaire and Brick. Shortly, the Apple App Store launched the iTunes store which acts as forerunner after Apple’s introduction of the iPod.

In December 2009, Rovio Entertainment developed a video game called “Angry Birds”. The game’s first release was for iOS and Maemo devices but eventually became a prominent app that prompted the developer to design new versions for smartphones and android phones.

That caused over three billion downloads that make it the most successful freemium software of all time.


How to uninstall bloatware and preinstalled Android apps | AndroidPIT
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What comes after is the rapid increase of different mobile apps around the world. Most of the apps are pre-installed as a bundle with mobile devices like a web browser, email, calendar, mapping program, and an app for buying music and other media/ apps.

Also, those that are not preinstalled are usually available through distribution platforms such as an app store (IOS) and Playstore (Android). If you wish to have your own app-based business you must keep into your mind that developing mobile apps requires hard work and determination.

How to Start Mobile App Business

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Start with an Idea

Creating a mobile app has three key elements. The first one is strategizing your app experience. Second is crafting the user experience. And lastly is to create a solid product roadmap. You have to make your idea tangible. Without this clarity, your planning will be convoluted.

Market Research

Research includes downloading a few apps similar to yours and use it. The insight will help you easily find what mistakes other competitors and make use of it to your advantage. Also, find what people are looking for. By doing that will give you an idea and save you from making mistakes.

Platform Choice

Choosing the best platform for your app provides a good experience to the users. Whether you go for Android app or iOS app or both depending on your target geography and audience. You need to invest time and willingness for you to be able to create and manage your mobile site or application.

You can choose between a Native App or the Hybrid App. A native application is a software or program that’s installed directly into mobile devices. 

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The hybrid app is also a native app that can be downloaded from the platform’s app store and that can also get access to all the native platform features.

Design and Development

As an app developer designing indeed takes a lot of effort. Some professional graphic designers spend years perfecting their craft. The best way to get a good graphic design is to hire professionals from Upwork or other platforms.

Good graphic design results in more engagement. Followed by the functionality development where the UI of the mobile app should be Innovative, modern, and smooth. Try to focus on the user interface and experience.


Right after several designing and coding, the next thing you do is run some tests. Of course, the app should be tested for usability, compatibility, security features, and performance. Make sure that the app is safe to use and run in good condition.

Find as many bugs as you can and also launch updates with bug fixes to avoid crashes. It is best to run tests more often.

Launch Your App

Always keep in mind that there is a difference in policies for launching an app. The app store has a rule that you must abide for the successful approval of your app. As soon as the app gets into the hands of the users’ feedback will follow.

It is important to compromise what users are asking. This helps improve users’ experiences.

Mobile App Monetization

The best part of developing an app is to monetize it. There are few monetization strategies to make money with your mobile app.

A Complete Guide on Best Mobile App Monetization Techniques
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  • Advertising – start a blog, create a video promoting your app. It is also best to answer questions on Quora and Reddit that helps drive more traffic on your app.
  • Sponsorship – developing an app is like developing business. Having a decent transaction attracts sponsors. Not all mobile apps succeeded in their launch without sponsors. 
  • In-app purchases– this refers to buying of goods and services on your mobile app and allows developers to provide their app run for free. Aside from that, it also allows them to profit even though the basic free app itself is given away for free.
  • E-mail marketing – is an independent site that is associated with web browsers and apps. This referred to as a small message that reaches the audiences anywhere and anytime.
  • Subscription – is a way of purchasing the goods and services of an app for a certain time. Whether monthly or yearly. Thus, a one-time sale of a product can build brand loyalty.
  • Collecting and selling data – gathering behavior data on targeted users which enables one to answer relevant questions and evaluate outcomes. Then sell it to the researcher and make a good amount of money out of it.


Creating an app is fun and at the same time is a tough thing to do. Also, you must learn how programming languages work like Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

For the beginners, I suggest you ask for guidance or coaching from an institute or might as well try to self-study for at least a year. Developing an app may take more than a year.

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