2 Simple Steps on How to Connect a Smartphone to the Internet Using Ethernet Cable

Connect a Smartphone to the Internet Using Ethernet Cable

Connect a Smartphone to the Internet Using Ethernet Cable

So you are annoyed about your WiFi speed, and you are struggling to connect your smartphone to this crappy WiFi spot. Why not connect through an ethernet cable? There’s a faster way to have your smartphone getting that speed you are searching for. You’ll just need an Ethernet cable and the right adapter.

If you are struggling with your cellular data connection or your WiFi is slow, we have an alternative for you. Just grab an Ethernet Cable and the right adapter. Now, you can connect your smartphone to an Ethernet port on your modem or router for a reliable connection.

It may seem bizarre to connect a smartphone via ethernet, but look, it is more reliable. There are times that WiFi connection is weak, but when connected via ethernet, it’s super fast. Especially when you are using your device for webinar, online meetings, or mobile gaming as well.

The only downside of this setup is you can’t go far away with your device. Since you are wired, and connected via ethernet cable, you have to be near, you can’t be far. You may limit your connection to 10 meters as far as possible.

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Ethernet Adapter

First and foremost is you have to buy the right adapter for your specific smartphone. Commonly, these adapters are not expensive. It ranges from $10 to $20.

Today, smartphone devices have Type-C port, so you will need a USB-C to Ethernet Adapter. If you are using older phones, You may use micro USB to Ethernet Adapter. For iPhone users, you will need a lightning to Ethernet adapter.

There are many brands out there offering various ethernet adapters. Some of which are new companies, or not a recognized brands. However, you can buy from them just make sure you review their products. Also, not al adapters are compatible with every device. Do some research to avoid purchasing the wrong one.

Purchase an Ethernet Cable

You can buy an ethernet cable online. Or in a computer shop near you. Prices may vary depending on the length and the quality of the cable.

If you want to buy high quality cable, then buy the expensive one. It can be a CAT 5, CAT 6 or even CAT 7 Ethernet cable. Which one to buy is up to you.

Time to Set Up your Android Device

Nowadays, Android smartphones must be running 6.0 version of operating system or higher. These smartphones can be disconnected from WiFi and cellular connection to connect via Ethernet. You can activate airplane mode easily to switch off both menus by swiping down from the top of your mobile screen and tapping their respective icons.

Also, you can go to Settings> Network & Internet > Turn off Wifi Switch. You can also do the same with Mobile network, Settings> Network & Internet > Mobile Network and turn off the switch.


Setting Up iPhone Device

The process of setting up an iPhone device is similar to that on Android. You just have to turn on the airplane mode or switch off the mobile network or WiFi access. Swipe down from the right of the screen so you can see the Control Center. Tap the WiFi and cellular icons to turn off services.


Time to Connect your Device to Ethernet

Once you turned off your WiFi and cellular connections, you will be prompted with no internet in your browser.

Now, connect your Ethernet cable to your router, then connect it to the ethernet adapter. Finally, from your adapter to your smartphone device.

You’ll notice the adapter blinking or flashing. It indicates if you have an internet connection. If you see it green, most probably you have an internet connection. Refresh the browser that is currently opened in your mobile, it should load perfectly fine, and FAST.

However, some applications may not work properly if they are requiring and expecting a WiFi connection to operate.

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Connect a Smartphone to the Internet Using Ethernet Cable

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