Top 10 Best Computer Science Projects for 2022

computer science projects 2022

computer science projects 2022

The previous article shows you different Computer Engineering Ideas for 2022. Those were the best Top 10 ideas to consider in building your thesis, related to computer engineering. But, don’t you know that those ideas can also be used for Computer Science projects?


Computer Engineering and Computer Science have similar sets of theories and applications. In that very case, we can share with you some of the Best Computer Science projects that can also be viewed at the Computer Engineering Thesis Ideas.

Crypto Tanks Play-To-Earn Game

CryptoTanks is a blockchain-powered and NFT-based play-to-earn gaming platform deployed on the Polygon blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain (ETH). Within the gamified decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem of CryptoTanks, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are 100% usable. The game is modeled after the cult Battle City game that was released in the 90’s for both Nintendo and Game Boy consoles.

Hera is a New Calendar App for people with a lot of Virtual Meetings

Meet Hera, a new calendar app that wants to turn the calendar into the main work interface. Hera helps you schedule meetings more easily with natural language processing and lets you share availabilities in an email or any messaging app. The startup is also going to build integrations with your other work tools so that you can surface important information before a meeting and extract information after a meeting.

S’pore Ed-tech Startup Doyobi

Founded in August 2020, Doyobi empowers teachers to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and 21st-century skills to the classroom.

IPification Passwordless, One-Click Mobile Identity Solutions 

The startup wants to do away with passwords, including one-time passwords (OTPs) and the like.

In turn, its solution generates a user’s unique mobile ID key consisting of the phone number, SIM card, and device data based on the user’s IP address. To authenticate, the user only needs to make one tap on their screen, and the unique ID key is verified in milliseconds.

However, he advises that regardless, one should have a code, face, or fingerprint ID as a way to unlock one’s phone for better security. If the phone gets lost or is stolen then, one should quickly contact their mobile phone operator and ask to lock their SIM card.

Digital ID #GoodID Tech is Moving Fast.

Digital IDs can make it easier and safer for individuals to bank, vote, travel, obtain government services and safeguard their social media profiles and interactions.

Task Mate Global

Earn money by completing tasks for businesses around the world on Google’s Task Mate app. Examples of tasks include taking a photo of a nearby restaurant, answering survey questions, or helping translate sentences from English to your local language.

Participate in tasks that you are interested in, or choose to skip tasks. Tasks can be completed any time.

Get paid for the tasks that you complete accurately and withdraw your earnings in your local currency from the Task Mate app. Register your e-wallet or bank account with Task Mate’s payment partner to cash out.

Singapore Intellect App

Intellect offers an end-to-end, 24/7 mental healthcare system in a single app.

The team focused on two objectives, scaling accessibility to support no matter what is needed and shifting the narrative of mental health.

Besides that, Intellect is also focused on building a better you. The app focuses on fostering resilience and helping users not only improve but excel as an individual.

Moom Health: Personalized Health Supplements

For starters, Moom Health is a personalized supplement platform that aims to transform women’s health from a one-size-fits-all to tailor-made one. Your Moom journey starts with their expert-backed questionnaire to discover how to uniquely support your mind and body.

ID and Data Verification Startup Verihubs

For many financial institutions in Southeast Asia, verifying new customers takes a week or two, said the founders of Verihubs. The startup cuts that time down to as little as five seconds, using AI-based identity authentication technology and APIs that let companies continue verifying returning customers through SMS, WhatsApp, or flash calls.

computer science projects 2022

Tarot Reading S’pore Startup 

You no longer need to search high and low for a spiritual guide to provide you divination for the uncertain future, or browse through the latest horoscope reading and try to decipher what the reading meant for you.

Emerging Vision owns the Teller Live app, which is for IOS devices, and Guruji, for Android devices.

These platforms aim to provide a suite of spiritual wellness virtual services like tarot reading and life coaching sessions.

App that Greets you with Good News Every Morning

There’s a Malaysian-made app that greets you with good news every morning when you wake up.

Lumi News Malaysia is a news app that alerts you to the breaking news and headlines reported by over 30 quality Malaysian publishers

We aim to shift the perception that news apps are only relevant to avid news readers by creating a more enjoyable, pain-free news reading habit for people of all age groups

Indonesian E-Grocery Market Startup

We realized that average Indonesian customers don’t need the product to be organic or have high quality. But the product must be delivered as soon as they need them or in fresh condition


There are more various computer science projects that can be done. This article only shows some other aspects of Computer Science that can be developed and innovated. We can see here apps that focus on the Intellect and Mental Health of every individual. Also, an identification app can be used for every transaction. Another is an Educational Start-Up that focuses on Science, Technology, and Engineering. A company that develops a more secure way of authentication.

Some other computer science project ideas are the e-grocery and same-day delivery app, last is an application that provides tasks for every individual and gets paid after finishing the task.

These are just the Best and Top 10 Computer Science Project Ideas 2022:

  • Crypto Tanks Play-To-Earn Game
  • Hera is a New Calendar App for people with a lot of Virtual Meetings
  • S’pore Ed-tech Startup Doyobi
  • IPification Passwordless, One-Click Mobile Identity Solutions 
  • Digital ID #GoodID Tech is Moving Fast.
  • Task Mate Global
  • Singapore Intellect App
  • Moom Health: Personalized Health Supplements
  • ID and Data Verification Startup Verihubs
  • Tarot Reading S’pore Startup 
  • An app that Greets you with Good News Every Morning
  • Indonesian E-Grocery Market Startup

computer science projects 2022

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