Computer Engineers, Yes, You are privileged to use “Engr.” before your name


Last 2015, I was able to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. The very reason I took up this course is because of the following causes, first, my NCAE results stated that my capabilities suits to enroll engineering course and lastly, year 2010 is the dawn of computer technologies era (the truth is, I am really addicted to computers that time).

Like any other engineering degrees, the struggle is real. I wasn’t able to finish my degree within 5 years. I faced a lot of challenges, and “Fail” grades. Yet, I was so grateful then, I bagged the “Researcher of the Year Award”. I have learned so many ideas and I gained more knowledge about the former and latest technology. I would say that after graduation, I’ve been fully equipped with wisdom that I could use to pursue my career.

I was a graphic designer before I was able to work at my aunt’s, in the local government. My job there was data encoder. Basic job for entry level individual. Yet, sooner, I realized that it was not my dream job. I learned to perform computer programming, design information systems, design computer networks using cisco technologies just to do basic Word and Excel jobs? During my apprenticeship, I secretly apply for job in Pampanga that suits my skills.

Unfortunately, there’s no luck at all. I ended up working in the Local Government Unit (LGU) where I currently live. I never dreamt of working in the LGU because of undesirable rumors that surrounds it. But I had no choice. I need to find a job as soon as possible. So, I applied for a job, and for 2 years, I was a contractual employee.

The Issue

And it is where I fully understand what being a professional means. I’ve been working at the city engineering office together with other civil engineers and electrical engineers. Whenever we do technical and administrative reports (with signatories), they always remind to add “ENGR’ title before my name.

As for me, insecure “professionals / non-professionals” are those demeaning someone’s profession. Does it mean that if you are not under the jurisdiction of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), you aren’t professional at all? Is there any law pertaining to the use of the title “ENGR”?

Let us review the RA 9292’s Article 1, Section 3. B, C, D and E. According to Electronics and Communication Engineering Act of the Philippines, registered, licensed and qualified Electronics Engineer should affix ECE (not use the title ENGR). Like any other engineering laws, the title ENGR is not a major concern. (Lawyers aren’t under PRC, so do not try to compare it with the issue)

Read the disclaimer page if you find this article intolerable.


Fellow computer engineer professionals who are experiencing humiliation from other professions, do not be intimidated by them. Computer Engineering fresh graduates, do not get confused by the issue. I encourage every one of you to use it.

My professional friends, review your constitution before embarrassing other profession. Do not claim superior if you have board exam. Having one does not mean you are a professional at all.

My colleagues, if they try to devalue us, they are professionally unprofessional. Remember, being professional is not humiliating someone’s profession.


I am so humbled to have a great environment where I presently work. They encourage me to do so and let me upgrade my capabilities. Moreover, it is your discretion to add the title before your name. For me, calling me Sir will do.

I respect all engineering fields. We are all needed for the growth of our nation.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess Mobile and Nonstop Balls during his free time.

61 Replies to “Computer Engineers, Yes, You are privileged to use “Engr.” before your name

  1. Thanks for casting away my doubt. When i became a qualified freshman BSCpE student in the University I’ve enrolled. I’ve always ask myself, what would be my future if I finish this degree. I’ve always wondered to back out from this course. But hey, thanks for the post it enlightens me😊😊

  2. Computer Engineering is not covered under the PRC regulated engineering courses, but again it is our right that PRC issued licensed to the graduate of such engineering course even though we are not regulated.

    They issued licensed to aeronautic engineering even though it is not also a regulated engineering course.

  3. Shocks! Kuddos to you Engr. haha Same tayo. haha I had a failing grade but still I had awards before I finished my engineering course, “Researcher of the Year award for our Thesis, and a lot more.” Goodluck Engr. to your career. And Yes, we are all qualified to use the Engr. Term before our name.

  4. Do I still have the right to use the Engr. title even if, for the rest of my life, I may end up with another profession other than that related to computer engineering?

  5. We are not “degrading” you. Many of us believe that it is very inappropriate to use a title simple because you finished the degree, isn’t degrading on the part of those licensed professional to use their title by someone not even recognized by the national government??? If you want to use the title ask the PRC to give you an examination like the EE, CE, etc.

    1. I think sir, it is appropriate for us to do so because we are outside the jurisdiction of the PRC. Also, I think you are degrading us by simply saying that we are not recognized by the national government. Think twice.

      1. The degree itself is recognized, what we are dealing is the title, it is something like an ‘instant noodles’,…..instant engineer???. I have seen many of my friends go thru a lot just to get their title, and just by simply finishing an engineering program in computer is enough to give you guys a title?? Think thrice

          1. NONE, But there is no Law/CMO/Directive that allows you to make use of a title either. The idea of posting this kind of argument like yours is that, you guys are so eager to make use of a title and trying to collect info/ideas to support you claims. Just get yourself a degree that really entitles you of something.

    2. I don’t see the point of this young man bragging about that matter, call yourself an engineer, all of us are who had an engineering degree but the usage of the title “Engr.” is a different matter, as far as legality is concern you don’t have the right to use that title in any legal documents, publications simply because the law dictates, under PRC all engineering principles are mandated to have their respective board exams to fully have the rights and privilege in practicing their respective profession. Why? Because of Standardization, without standardization it is unsafe to practice any profession now I don’t know why but one thing im sure of bakit hindi kayo recognized or shall i say hindi standardized yung practice ng computer engineering, kasi hindi mastandardized sa bilis ng technology ngayon ang bilis mgbago ng trend hindi mahabol imagine every year papalit2 kayo ng standard code, that impractical and honestly hindi naman kailangan wala namang hazard sa profession nyo unlike let say civil engineering imagine walang building code at scope and limitations design lang ng design yung engineer you know what will happen next. Im so sorry I cannot angry sa pinupunto mo at ng eencourage ka pa sa iba na gawin yun hindi tama yun. Mashado kang butthurt at sinasabi mong degraded kayo pg sinasabing hindi kayo recognized ng PRC, totoo naman hindi naman talaga. Alam mo brad yung kapatid Computer Science graduate nagttrabaho sa saudi as Software Engineer, gets mo? Na eearn yan brad walang instant kahit kami pgkagrad namin di kami ng claim agad na engineer na kami saka pa lang nung pumasa kami ng board at yung board exam na yun pinaghirapan namin para maearn yung title na Engr at ilagay sa pangalan tapos ikaw gusto mo instant? Hanap ka nalang ng trabaho na magagamit pagka computer engineer mas maganda yun. Thanks.

      1. I agree with you about the legal stuff if the law dictates that.

        I don’t agree with this though. “honestly hindi naman kailangan wala namang hazard sa profession nyo unlike let say civil engineering”
        – Imagine this scenario, a computer engineering graduate developed a tool for civil engineers to make their work easier. Maybe something for computations. At first, the tool works great. After some time many civil engineers are using that tool. Then the computer engineering graduate accidentally changed some code and it affected the computation to be wrong. Since the civil engineers are using that tool, their computations for the houses/buildings they make will not be accurate and would make their houses/building collapse.
        Isn’t that hazardous?
        – Another scenario. The computer engineering graduate developed a virus that can manipulate a bank’s/army’s/the pentagon’s/government’s server.
        – I think this is more hazardous than a house collapsing because the building code was not followed.

  6. same path tayo Engr, im currently working sa government as admin aide for 4 yrs and marami ngsasabi na bakit wla dw engr name ko eh tapos naman ako ng engr’g, goodthing sa mga kasama ko na licensed engrs eh d nman nila ako dinidiscriminate sa pag gamit ko ng engr sa name ko, dapat lng dw kc i finished it naman, un lng eh sna makakuha ng work related sa course ntin kc 4 yrs nko nagaayos ng admin papers dto, haha, pampanga pla ako btw, san ka nagapply dto?

  7. Ahmm. I somehow disagree. I agree to the fact that since the prefix “Engr” is not regulated by law, legally everyone can use it, even more so if you have a degree with “engineering” on it – but in reality, these prefixes are only rampant in our country, because we put a premium over such professionals as “Engineers, lawyers, architect etc..” In reality – Filipinos treat these as better than other professions and so, even if not technically required and with minimum to zero value added, we pride ourselves and as much as possible use these titles. In other countries, only Doctors are called in public and addressed as such, only because of the inherent practicality so if you heard someone calling another as a “doctor” and an accident happen – you know who to run to.

    You hope you wont take my comment negatively 🙁 I am sincerly happy that you encourage everybody else – but the reality that our country and people loves to brag about these and we love to in turn worship these professions, exists and is ever pervasive.

    Thanks just my two cents 🙂

    BS Development Communication

    1. Your comment is very much appreciated. Thanks for dropping by. I am not into the title, yet, on our part, we feel undervalued by you “them”. So I decided to just express my emotions. Hoping for more comments like yours.

      1. 20 years ago I graduated in B.S. Industrial Engineering. I.E. stands for Instant Engineers at that time. Ewan ko lang ngayon meron na atang certification. But anyways practiced IE for 4 years then pursued my childhood dream. To become a teacher. Took educ units and passed the board exam. Teachers never had titles like other profession. But a couple of years ago nagkaroon. We can affix Lpt at the end of our names. I never used it for some reason, may be because its just a title for me. And as for people who look down at me as teacher ka lang, oh well deadma sa bashers. Because i know my worth 😉 and my students can attest to that 😁

    2. I agree. I don’t see the value of putting Engr. in front of a name or being called engineer by other people. You won’t hear people call Jeff Bezos, CEO Jeff Bezos; or Elon Musk, CEO Elon Musk.

      I think the prefix is just for their own ego.

      Oscar, don’t take me wrong man. I graduated with a degree in computer engineering in the Philippines. Serving some business owners as their go to developer here in Japan. I think if you want to put Engr. before you name, go for it. I just don’t care about the Engr. tag.

  8. Actually here in Philippines mga CoE naman talaga ang laging naglalagay ng Engr. sa unahan ng pangalan nila eh pero yung mga tunay na dumaan sa regulation ng PRC or mga PRC licensed na CE,ME, EE, ECE, & ChE hindi naman. Nahihiya pa nga maglagay ang mga ito eh…. yan po ang reality, halos lahat ng CoE graduate na co-worker ko ganun.

  9. Sa Resume ganito nakalagay sa name ng:

    CoE : Engr. Juan dela Cruz

    PRC Licensed engineers:
    CE : Juan dela Cruz, CE
    EE: Juan dela Cruz, REE
    ME: Juan dela Cruz, ME

    Pag nagpapakilala naman:
    CoE : I am Engr. Juan dela Cruz
    CE : I am Juan dela Cruz, licensed Civil Engineer
    ME : I am Juan dela Cruz, Mechanical Engineer

    CoE po talaga ang naglalagay ng title sa unahan ng name…
    Kasi ang mga PRC licensed engineers ay hindi uhaw sa title na Engr.

    Reality lang po wala gusto i-offend.

  10. It is great to know atleast something about this. As I am a freshmen for BSCpE. Atleast i do have a little idea for this type of misconception towards the profession we are taking. But also i think as a part of an engineering profession our government should look out to the people who are taking a type of profession just like BSCpE, that they should consider this professions to be the same as the level of other engineering professions. Kahit ako naman ay magagalit talaga kung hindi rin naman pala ganun ang treatment sakin kahit na pinaghirapan ko ang profession na pinili ko. At lalo na ang profession na ito pinakikinabangan naman din ng ating government. Sana naman dingin nila ang mga profession na inilalagay nila sa mga colleges at bigyan nang tamang parangal. Kasi lahat naman ng kurso ay pinaghihirapan naman diba pwera nalang kung mayaman ka tas binabayaran mo ang school mo just to pass. But that’s another story. Still thank you for some great information. God speed bro

  11. Wow, just wow. If this is true then I think I can use Engr before my name. I took my degree in CpE for 7 years. A lot of failed grades. Mahirap sya, di basta basta. (O tlagang bulakbol lang ako? Hahaha) Now I worked as a CSR and planning to shift career in teaching. Nakapasa ako sa UST for Teacher Certificate Program. Hopefully makapagturo, tapos MA then qng title ko nun Prof. Engr.? Hahaha salamat sa inpirasyon Engr. Oganiza. Salute and respect. Godbless.

  12. Bat mo ipagpipilitan kung hindi naman kayo recognized? Hindi kayo recognized kasi wala at hindi standardized yung practice ng computer engineering, and I know you know why well if you don’t at least have an idea, these days ang bilis mag update ng technology fast paced, hindi mahahabol kahit gawan pa kayo ng certain standard mahihirapan ang body na hahawak ng administration at ruling nito what’s even worst than that napphase out yung old trend ( hindi ma overwrite minsan sa current trend examples yung mga video games noong early 2000’s try mo i run sa current pc/laptops na updated sa windows 10 hindi yan mg rrun normally not unless mg youtube ka at mg type ng “how to fix installation error? ” “why i can’t run prototype 2 in my windows laptop?” and thanks to that you are able to do so. Gets mo point ko? While on the otherhand, yung standards ng ibang engineering principles for example civil, building code, structural code, ung exterior at interior designing etc, nagbabago ka may revision totoo however unlike sa sinasbi ko example regarding sa computer engineering (specifically sa programming) kahit mabago ung code ng shall we say 2006 tapos pgka 2009 iniba, magagamit mo pa rin yung code na yun sa current timeline so long sumunod ka sa listing and all provisions provided ng code na yun for example ung design ng bahay mo is 2006 pa tapos yung current year natin is 2019 right, the point is made kahit 2019 na and yung design ng bahay mo is 2006 pa still nagagamit mo pa rin until now same as true sa future construction kung gagawa ka ng 2006 design at the time of 2019 okay lang kung gusto mo. Sana nagets mo punto ko. Mali yung gagawa gawa ka ng article sa website mo encouraging other individuals na gayahin ka hindi tama yun kami ngang recognized na engineering profession so long hindi kami pumapasa sa board exam hindi namin pwede gamitin ung title at hindi kami pwde mkapag design and sign ng plans under our names tapos ikaw computer engineering graduate hindi recognized at walang standardization na sinusunod gagamitin mo na lang basta basta yung title? Aba hindi pwede pre pinaghirapan namin makuha yung title tapos ikaw gusto instant tapos mashado kang butthurt sa word na “hindi recognized” degrading daw what? Totoo naman hindi kayo recognized. I strongly disagree sir.

    1. Thank you for this kind words sir. Chill ka lang sir kung hindi ko napublish kaagad at may event din ako. Fair tayo dito, as website admin, you should at least disclaimer page of this website. Anyways, I encourage lahat ng profession na mag comment dito para malaman lahat ng side nila.

    2. I can see that you feel you are attacked. I can’t understand why though.
      I don’t put that title before my name, I just don’t care but if they want to use the title, why not? Unless there are laws that prohibit that, why limit them?

      I agree that technology is evolving fast and maybe that is the reason why computer engineering doesn’t have a board exam. But even old computer languages are still used today, for example C, assembly and others. I don’t see the point of your analogy that when the building code changes, the house built in 2006 can still be used in 2019 since it is the same with programs. For example, the program written in the year 2000, can still be used today if you want. If you go to a semiconductor factory, you can see old machines running with very old computers, some of those even use microprocessors that was programmed maybe before the year 2000. Maybe it is worse than today but same for a house, right?

  13. …As i remembered way back 1998, as a pioneering graduate of B.S. in Computer Engineering, “Engr.” was already addressed to us when we are called to receive our diploma. Since it was practiced way back then and until now, i think it is ok to add “Engr.” on our our names. But to really claim as to the value or worth of earning such title, we just need to add up additional certifications just to prove that we are really into practicing our profession. And to earn professional illegibility from the CSC, we just need to take Civil Service Exams since our course doesn’t requires a PRC board exam. Bearing the title “Engr.” does not guarantee our professionalism. Our character and how we deal with others matters most in becoming a true ENGR…

    1. There are professions that do not require board exams and CoE is one of them. They can be addressed as Engrs, too, esp if the law governing their profession says so. Being an Engg student is difficult much more if you are struggling to pass the major subjects. Fellow Engrs, (am a CE and a GE), let’s respect their profession and give them the title due to them.

  14. in addition, all fields of engineering must not also under estimate our profession considering that they are also enjoying the advancement of technology (APPS and other technological innovations) in their chosen fields of which are i think the product of what Computer Engineers had made..appreciating also the knowledge from all other Eng’g. fields, since our discipline cannot work well also if not for the collaboration of the other fields..

      1. Im using CpE before my name instead of Engr. 1st work ko sa Kingdom of Saudi arabia as Document Controller Supervisor and working together with CE, EE and ME, reason why they need a licensed to their profession po kase its about life and death. Pwedeng mawalan sila ng title pag nagkaron ng failure yung mga na build nila. Walang problema sa pag gamit ng Engr pero mas ginagamit ko yung CpEngr.

      2. I suggest I lapit ang concern sa Computer Engineering Society; let have discuss and have amendment para mai pasa sa congress as BIll or R.A. para legal..Any comment from the society?

  15. During our college years as COE we where also thought about subjects relating to Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and others, compare to other course does this made us less recognizable than you. For me I do have basic knowledge about mechanics and other engineering. If I ask other related course do you know at least basic programming and how to integrate it with hardwares? Reality some of you only knew how to use the APPS and software you used that we provide…
    It’s very desrespectful for others here to prove that we can’t used Engr. b4 our name just because we dont have jurisdiction from PRC. Kung bigyan lang kami ng chance na mka take ng board from other courses that will give us the eligibility gagawin namin kasi alam namin kung saan aabut ang utak namin pagdating sa engineering. Don’t us.

  16. It is a norm in our country (The Philippines) and already an attitude of most of us (The Filipino) to be righteous over other thoughts, it is a cancer that has no cure because they are raised to fight for their intelligent ideas and complaint for the difficulties they are dealing with, they dont care about other feelings but on their own stupidity…my point is, dont waste your time and effort of explanation to those people who are already correct according to their reasoning, you dont have the chance to win their arguments because they already had judgement, just share your thoughts and leave their comments to die without reply…your thoughts of using the title “ENGR.” for the sake of respect is good but whether it is there in your name or not, if other people have grown without the sense of respect to other it is still no use.

  17. This type of thinking is just common to fresh graduates or title hungry, bragging individual. As a pioneering graduate of CoE myself and with experience in the field since forever, it doesnt matter when you really are on the job! What young CoE guns need to work on, if you really wants to push the boundaries of your career, get the titles, industry recognized titles and certification and not by a government (ITIL is an exclusion 😁). Dont feel bad. I have worked with a lot of people already in the tech industry and with direct reports in all fields in the engineering world, even with their health and medical titles. I dont sign their sheet with Engr on their name or mine. Trust me, it doesnt matter! Work on that technical certifications and you will go places.

  18. en·gi·neer
    Learn to pronounce
    a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.
    synonyms: designer, planner, builder, architect, producer, fabricator, developer, creator; More
    design and build (a machine or structure).
    “the men who engineered the tunnel”


  19. There are professions that do not require board exams and CoE is one of them. They can be addressed as Engrs, too, esp if the law governing their profession says so. Being an Engg student is difficult much more if you are struggling to pass the major subjects. Fellow Engrs, (am a CE and a GE), let’s respect their profession and give them the title due to them.

  20. My husband is a CoE graduate, ITIL certified and currently working as a NOC Engineer in a company based in NYC. He’s been practicing his profession for 13 years now and yet he’s not using Engr. before his name. I asked him why, he just said “he’s not entitled to use it even if he is practicing his profession”. Because of that, I admire him more (very humble person). He told me, the title is only earned by taking exam as he saw how my cousins been through hell to pass the ME licensure exam. And even they did passed, they still didn’t used the title. I think its not about the title, it’s about the attitude sirs. Just sharing! Peace 😊

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