Computer Engineers Should Focus more on Innovations against Climate Change.

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The incessant rains caused by southwest monsoon few days ago resulted to the flooding of some portions in Metro Manila. Due to heavy downpour of rain last Friday, the government forced to declare class suspensions. Government and private company workers were sent home at 3:00 pm.

Heavy rains are caused by climate change. An increase in temperature also results to heavier precipitation. A warmer atmosphere holds up and dumps more water. Heavy rainfall does not mean it will, however, the potential flood on certain areas increase.

Computer Engineers Today

Nowadays, computer engineers mainly focus on developing mobile applications. Due to its high-demand in the market, they put an effort to address different problems in different industries. On my remark, their attention is more on software applications. They are also employed in big companies as network engineers and senior consultants.

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Computer engineering students today are more focused on Internet of Things and interconnected devices as their research papers. Upon my observation, one area of their concentration is also on website development. However, these research papers have not been addressing climate change.

The Right Maneuver

According to UN, by 2030, we should be able to achieve these 17 Sustainable Development Goals. There are 6 sustainable goals which I think addresses climate change. (7) Affordable and clean energy, (9) industry, innovation and infrastructure, (11) sustainable cities and communities, (13) climate action, (14) life below water and (15) life on land. And during the course of my studies, I have encountered several problems we are currently facing which signifies the need to attain the 17 SDGs.

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With that, as students and professionals, we should be concentrating on innovation which focuses on combatting climate change. There are technological innovations in different industries where we could help in battling global warming and climate change.

Air ink start-up company that produces ink is a great example. These inks were made up of air-pollution matter. Carbon sooth from chimney, exhaust pipes of cars and generators were filtered. Filtered carbon matter gone through series of processes to produce ink.

You could also develop an artificial tree or leaves which traps carbon particulates and turn it into usable material. Innovation of clean energy sources to reduce carbon emissions of coal power plants. The development of cheap e-vehicles is also one-way to reduce carbon emission.

There are many feasible ways to fight the effects of climate, from prevention to mitigation purposes. It is up to you.   

Wrapping it up

Since my attendance on different training workshops, I have noticed the vital role of technology in fighting against climate change. During my graduate studies, we have tackled different technological advancements which lessens carbon emissions.

According to this article, humans could be displaced by the effects of climate change by 2050. The world we are living would be facing intense heatwaves, heavy rains and flooding, reduction of crop yields, sea level rise and forest destruction.

People displaced by flooding

Fellow professional computer engineers, we must do everything that we can to prevent the apocalypse. We have the capacity to do so. Brilliant young minds should spearhead on the development of effective technology. Seniors and professionals should assist other institutions on combating climate change.

With these strategies, we could lengthen the lives of different species living on earth including us.

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