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Computer engineering students in the Philippines are thinking about how well-compensated their profession is. Below are the ideas of how computer engineers perform their job and how much they have been getting from tech giants and industry companies. But first, let us know what computer engineers really are.

Who are Computer Engineers?

Computer Engineers are professionals who combine computer science with electrical engineering to build new computers and computer systems. Moreover, they have deep knowledge regarding software and hardware aspects of computers and combines it with electrical engineering and computer science.

In addition, these engineers may work with computer hardware, software, programming, computer-based systems, and computer architecture. Also, they can be software engineers and hardware engineers, depending on the nature of their work.


According to computer science online, computer engineering fresh graduates could earn $ 66, 070 (3 million pesos) annually. For individuals who have 5 years of experience, could earn $ 108, 430 (5 million pesos) and $ 160,610 (8 million pesos) for professionals with 8 years above of experience. However, to get these amounts of salary, you must have the skills they are looking for.

Today, there have been two (2) classifications of computer engineers, Computer Software Engineer and Computer Hardware Engineer. According to Computer Careers, there is a significant increase in salary depending on what specialization and years of experience these professionals possess.

As stated above, entry-level computer software engineers have a $ 64, 806 (3.2 million pesos) annual average salary, while computer hardware engineers have $ 69, 217 (3.4 million pesos). On the other hand, intermediate computer software engineers have $ 107, 628 (5.3 million pesos) while intermediate computer hardware engineers have $ 112, 305 (5.6 million pesos) of annual average salary.

It is 5% higher than the usual entry-level computer engineers. Moreover, the annual average salary of senior computer software engineers is $ 169, 660 (8.5 million pesos) and the annual average salary of senior computer hardware engineers is $ 166,356 (8.3 million pesos). It is 10% higher than the usual entry-level computer engineers.

Computer Engineering Salary in the Philippines 2020

Here in the Philippines, we’d interviewed IT professionals, computer engineers in the industry, and computer engineers in the academe. The monthly average salary of entry-level computer engineers in the Philippines is 29,000 pesos. In addition, the Monthly average salary of intermediate is 72, 500 pesos. Lastly, 160, 000 pesos monthly average salary for senior level.

Required Skills for a Computer Engineer

You can’t achieve those kinds of salary if you have no idea of these programming languages. Below are languages you should develop and excel in the digital world to be compensated well.


  • Python
  • Java
  • Ruby/Ruby on Rail
  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • Java Script
  • C Language
  • C++
  • C#
  • Objective-C
  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Swift

If you are not familiar with some of these languages, you can learn through online and video tutorials. Also, aside from expertise in the field of computing languages, listed below are some intelligent aspects you must maintain and know.


  • The ability to debug, write, build, create codes to produce software and applications.
  • You should also knowledgeable in different algorithms and have excellent mathematics skills.
  • Great communication skills is also important. You should be a team player to communicate ideas. Additionally, you do not spend your whole day coding. You also have other duties and responsibilities which is part of your job description.
  • You should have the ability to choose software applications that best suits your project.
  • Great analytical skill is also a must and the ability to pay attention to details.
  • You are good researcher and fast learner. Computer engineers must know the latest languages and trends to provide the best outcome for the clients and companies.
  • For aspiring managers and seniors, the ability to choose and select the best decision for the program development project is a must. It is the combination of technical skills and knowledge that will meet the demands of the customers.

Highest-Paying Company Abroad

Google is the highest paying company according to with $ 124, 000 (6.2 million) annual average salary. It is 21% higher than the average salary of computer engineers. Secondly, LinkedIn pays computer engineers with an annual average of $ 122, 000 (6.1 million). The third is the Apple company which compensates $ 120,000 (6.0 million) annual average and followed by Facebook which gives computer engineers an annual average salary of $ 119, 000 (5.95 million).


Highest-Paying Company in the Philippines

IIn the Philippines, Payscale states that there are companies which is reported to highly compensate computer engineers. First is the Infor Global Solution which is said to compensate computer engineers with ₱ 591,000 annual salary followed by Accenture Technology Solutions with annual salary of ₱ 421, 627.

Did you know that Nokia Inc gives competent salaries for computer engineers amounting to ₱ 402, 582? Yes! Nokia pays IT practitioners that exact amount. In addition, FactSet Research System Inc pays computer engineers with a total amount of ₱ 377, 259. Moreover, Indra and Advanced World System Inc compensate computer engineers amounting to ₱ 336, 960 and ₱ 240,000 respectively.

For fresh graduates, there are other companies which offer higher starting salaries. However, you just need to have the perseverance to look for it. The Computer Engineering profession is growing fast and “the forefront of Fourth Industrial Revolution [FIRE]” and of top-paying jobs today.


To sum it up, an average Computer Engineer’s Salary per month in the Philippines is around Php 29,000.00. And an annual Computer Engineer’s Salary is Php 348,000.00.

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