The Ultimate Computer Engineering Assessment Test for Aspiring Computer Engineers

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Here is the 1st version of Computer Engineering Assessment Test that I have created. Basically, it is composed of engineering mathematics, computer hardware questions, networks essentials, and object oriented programming questions.

Many are still asking what could be their subjects if they enrolled in the computer engineering degree. Even though we have differentiated computer engineering and computer science, there are still lots of questions about it.

Also, there are questions being asked what is the composition of the Computer Engineering Certification Exam in 2024. As I have posted a year ago, it can be composed of engineering mathematics, computer and software programming questions, and basic network functions.

In this case, we have created a Computer Engineering Assessment Test. This is unofficial. Institutions did not backed-up this exam. This exam came from different countries. Also, this is not a substitute for any government’s assessment test.

We are trying to give you a preview of what can be included in the Certification Exam. Also, what subjects the aspiring computer engineering students will be dealing with.

Let’s do it!

Take the Test

This exam is composed of thirty (30) questions only. The engineering mathematics has 10 questions. Also, the computer hardware questions have 10 questions. Additionally, the networking essentials has 5 questions, 2 points each. Lastly, the object-oriented programming with 5 questions, 2 points each.

The passing rate will be 70% or 28 points. Lower than 70% is a failed grade. However, 70% grade is better than having 69%. 70% is gold in engineering courses. Below is the table for your reference. Whether you can study computer engineering or not.

*Check the equivalent of your grades at the Table of Reference below

However, this exam does not necessarily mean you can not take computer engineering. There are other aspects to measure your skills. You might be uninterested in mathematics. But you excel with various programming languages. You can be good at networking. But witless in computer hardware stuff.

Table of Reference

You finished the assessment test. Here is your grade.

Below 20Minion

Mythic grade means you will excel in computer engineering course and finish the course on time.

Legend grade means you can finish the course within 6 years.

Epic grade means, oh no. Find a Mythic friend to assist you.

Grandmaster grade equals find 2 Mythic friends to save you from hell.

If you are a Minion, do not try it. You are just wasting your time and money.


This is just an assessment. The result of this test won’t affect your grades in reality. To tell you, I got 3 failed grades in mathematics. I did not finish this degree within 5 years. Yet, it doesn’t stop me to finish this course.

Pursue what course you really want. Everything will be fine.

The only failure in life is the failure to try.

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