Top 8 Computer Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

We have been frequently asked by non-Computer Engineering students these questions. Honestly, these questions have been answered ever since the General Assembly of the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines. Furthermore, these have been asked on the page Computer Engineers Ph.

To answer these questions all at once. I have written this article for you to visit. If this is insufficient and have other questions in mind, please let me know. We are happy to assist you.

I have listed the Top 8 Computer Engineering Frequently Asked questions. This is a guide for aspiring computer engineers, computer engineering students, and computer engineers. This list is in no particular order.

Let us begin!

What are the Subjects of the Computer Engineering Course?

This question has been answered here. However, to give you an idea, here are the following are subjects. Not all subjects are included in the list.

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Numerical Methods
  • Computer Engineering Discipline
  • Computer Engineering Drafting and Design
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Software Design
  • Microprocessors
  • Computer Networks and Security
  • CpE Laws and Professional Practice
  • Thesis Writing

This list is long. If you want a more comprehensive guide, read the differentiation of BSCpE and BSCS Blog post.

First to Third Year of BSCpE curriculum includes foundation Mathematics. Like Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and so on.

Which Subject Should I Focus On

Computer Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot give you a concrete answer in this area. However, if you are not good at math, you should start loving it. You will spend three years dealing with Math.

In your fourth year, you can focus on what path you are taking. During this year, you have microprocessor (Microp), networking (CISCO), and programming subjects.

If you want to work in Semicon industry you may want to focus on Microp subjects.

Aside from the microp subject, if you want to be a system or network administrator, you should have an outstanding grade in networking. Basically, you will use CISCO routers for network configurations.

Lastly, programming subjects. If you want to become a website developer (webdev) or mobile apps developer (mobdev), you may want to focus on programming subjects.

Can You Help Us in Our Thesis Writing?

Of course I can!

Computer Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

I have written an article about thesis topics and ideas of a computer engineering student. Visit the link above or here.

However, if you want us to literally help you with your thesis, We might not help you since we are consumed by our daily jobs. We can have a chat on our Facebook page. Yet, I can’t guarantee a fast reply.

Maybe some other time, I will give you a format on how to write a thesis or research paper. For the mean time, stick on what your university is requiring you to do.

Does Computer Engineering Course Easy?

I finished Computer Engineering in 6 years. Some of my classmates finished this course in 5 years, others are 7 to 8 years. I failed 3 subjects. Was it easy?

I don’t think it is just the Computer Engineering course you should consider.

If you really don’t like the course from the beginning, this will be hard for you. But if you love this, and decided to carry on despite the hardships, you’ll finish it.

Try it to experience.

Who Should Study Computer Engineering

From my perspective, anybody who likes technology. Computer engineering course has a large scope. Let me set Elon Musk as an example. He has Tesla, Neuralink, Starlink, Boring Company, SpaceX companies. These can be all suitable to you as a computer engineer.

If you have a passion for the latest technology, and the willingness to study always about the latest trend, then you should try it.

However, there could be a problem in the present education here in the Philippines. Why did you study HUMS Strand in your secondary school if you want to be a computer engineer? You might find computer engineering course difficult.

Which is Better Computer Engineering or BSCS?

I have differentiated this question here. The judgment is yours.

Can I Find a Good Job after Graduation?

Will you graduate? Just kidding.

Computer Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

There are many opportunities for computer engineers. You can either work for the government or in private companies. The choice is yours.

However, if you have a good “PADRINO” in the government, why not try? Yet, the computer engineering course should follow the private industry path like working in Facebook, Google, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and others.

I do not recommend you to work in the government. Do not.

You can also apply in the Academe as an instructor.

Can I Join ICpEP even not a CpE Graduate?

Yes, as an Associate Member, visit the school near you for inquiries. Or, visit ICpEP Office FB Page.


These are some of the Computer Engineering Frequently Asked questions. There will be more to answer. We hope to give you a satisfying and accurate answer.

Just stay put and read this blog’s article about computer engineering at the Engineering Tab at the top.

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