Computer Engineering Students – How to Stay Focused During Exams

Computer Engineering During Exams

Engineering course is one of the dominant fields that many parents want for their children. This might give their children financial freedom, and be successful someday. Also, you may experience some of your relatives advising you to take up engineering as well. They encourage you to do so because someday, you’ll find a good career after your college schooling.

Here’s the truth. Studying computer engineering is hard. You’ll have to undergo long studying sessions, programming projects, and mass various exams. These reasons cause severe stress, and too much workload. It distracts you on your exams, giving you struggles before taking up tests.

Fortunately, we have created a list of solution to this scenario.

Here are few things to consider before taking exams, and stay focused, especially during the exam session as a computer engineering student.

Always SAY NO

The pressure is real when your peers invite you to wander, or go to the nearest bar, and restaurant. But this is only a distraction. Focus, and prioritize your exams.

There’s nothing wrong with saying No sometimes. Examinations do not last forever, it’s once in a blue moon. You’ll just spend 2-4 days to focus on your lessons and studies.

Once your examinations are over, you can spend more of your time with your friends. Refusal once in while is not a bad thing. Always saying No at the right time will pay off when you get A’s from the results of your exams.

Remove all distractions

Computer engineering is hard, and when studying, you’ll be easily distracted by unwanted noise.

During your review, you’ll surely receive a text from your friend, or a Facebook notification. However, experiencing these situations is a bad idea. You can’t effortlessly study engineering. You should utilize your time wisely, and memorize equations and formulas as much as possible. The early you study, the more time you give yourself to understand and learn the information confusing for you.

You should get rid of your phone out of sight. In this way, you are not tempted to check it all the time. Also, make sure it’s on silent mode in case you receive a massive number of notifications or messages.

Keep away anything else that might distract you.

Find a Good Room

Computer Engineering course is tough, So, you need to find a good spot to study. The room or place should be comfortable and silent. Also, your family or friends should know this place so they don’t disturb you when you’re there.

Additionally, it should have a good lighting and with a right temperature. Also, it should have sturdy and wide desk so you can place on all of your reading materials and work effectively. Most importantly is to have this good studying ambiance to memorize relevant information.

Schedule yourself

If you know how to set up a schedule, include review session in your list. Before the exams, write it down in a plan. The schedule should comprise of the time you are to wake up, time going to bed, or when you are going to have your meals, and what subjects you will study.

Scheduling will help you focus more on one task at a time. On the other hand, having no schedule would only distract you and lose focus.

The ability to write down schedule, and sticking with it as a routine will give you the time to memorize all the information you need.

Get Enough Rest

If you are sleepy, you cannot study well. Also, if you are tired, you can not store enough information that you need during the examination proper. You’ll feel irritated, and your mind will not remember anything.

You have to get proper hours of sleep.

If you follow the previous tip, scheduling the hours and time that you will sleep will help you get enough rest.

A good night rest and sleep will make you more alert, and you brain can store more information, memorize, and recall it.  


Studying all day is not a good idea. Certainly, thing is that you don’t want to waste your time. But you also need to consider that you need to pause and, move around a bit. You need to keep your blood flowing too.

Walking and relaxing are two ways to relax your brain before studying. It will relieve any discomfort you may be feeling after sitting all day.

You can also set a schedule when to take a break or snack to help you in your studying session.

Allow Yourself some Downtime

You are not a robot, but still human. You need to pause, rest, and relax. Otherwise, you’ll end up feeling depressed and unable to focus on your exams.

Spend an hour everyday doing something else. Detach yourself from stress, before you go back to studying.

Final Thoughts

Computer Engineering exams are challenging, hard, and tough. But these tips may help you lessen the burden of studying computer engineering.

Good luck on your exams!

Computer Engineering During Exams

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