Computer Engineering Companies Every Computer Engineers Should Work

Computer Engineering Companies

Computer Engineering Companies

So you’ve recently finished your computer engineering course. So what’s next? Are you looking for a great place to start your career? If yes, you are in the right place. We will be presenting to you 5 of the best companies a computer engineer should work for. 

Many graduates of computer engineering nowadays dream to work under 1 of these 5 companies. These 5 tech giants have offices around the globe. So it doesn’t matter where you currently live. There is a big chance for you to land a job in one of these tech giants. 

Some of you may want to work for a smaller firm or start-up company, in the private sector or be employed by the government. But did you know that large companies such as these have lots of benefits to accrue? It ranges from flexible working hours, great health benefits, and a cool ambiance, and a working environment. 

So let’s begin with the top 5 Computer Engineering International Companies for you to work on, and why you should aspire to work there.


First on the list is Amazon. As a computer engineer, working here is a challenging, yet rewarding role. The pace of technological advancement here is quite fast. Landing a job here is also not easy, you should be exceptionally talented.

So why does Amazon make it onto this list?

  1. Offers employees stock options.
  2. Health and wellness are at the top of the agenda.
  3. Financial security through great pension plans.


According to Business Insider, 32% of respondents vote to work for Microsoft. Working at Microsoft is sure to pressure since you have to deliver your best. According to one of its employees, “Microsoft values its employees. The working environment shifted in recent years from individual superiority to teamwork, which reduced the stress level at work to low.”

These are the great things working at Microsoft

  1. Great leadership
  2. Diversity and variety of work
  3. Foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration
  4. The feeling of accomplishment and job satisfaction
  5. Great pay, rewards, and benefits


Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook faces a lot of controversies. Yet, despite the bad impressions, it is still one of the best places to work in the field of computer engineering. The job satisfaction at Facebook is very high. The majority of the employees enjoy the opportunity to be “authentic” while at work. There are cool, fun, and open workspaces, free meals, and ease of access to the CEO.

The Facebook company also offers employees to play to their strengths. This means doing more of what they are good at. The employees are also allowed to work on different projects, even moving into different roles within the company. 

This freedom of expression makes employees feel valued (within limits). The salaries here at Facebook are extremely high. They also enjoy one of the highest retention rates within the industry.


Apple is an amazing place to work. It also offers great salaries and perks, just like most tech companies. Working at Apple is demanding. Yet, its benefits and perks make it worthwhile. It is noted that the company has increased its valuation and sales after the release of its major products. This also raises the morale of its employee, making it one of the tech companies a computer engineering graduate should probably work.

Why Apple makes onto the list

  1. Healthcare plans
  2. Private pension plan
  3. Work-life balance
  4. Onsite fitness and wellness center
  5. Discounts on Apple products


Computer engineering students working at Google is a dream come true. According to a Business Insider survey, 52% of participants desire to work at Google. It is one of the highest-paying employers in the tech space, but that’s just one factor that makes them a great employer. 

It has a relaxed atmosphere at work, flexible working, healthcare and wellness services, and retirement savings. All of these contribute to making Googlers feel welcome at work

Elon Musk Companies

He disrupted major industries in the tech space. He has SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Hyperloop, OpenAI, and Neural Link. These companies disrupted the industries like space launches, telecommunications, satellite internet, automobiles, personal transport. Additionally,  solar energy, fossil fuels, car sharing, tunneling, infrastructure, real estate, freight shipping. Moreover,  Ai/Machine Learning, competitive gaming, prosthetics, medicine (treatment), military, and robotics.

All these fields are related to computer engineering. Strive hard to be part of his great companies. According to him, he is actually hiring more and more every year for his different companies. Also, he doesn’t require applicants to have a degree. Yet, having a degree specifically in his field is an advantage. 

Working at Elon Musk’s companies is really tough. You must think outside the box. You must think like Elon Musk. There might be slight misinterpretations and bad impressions, but working there is satisfying. 

Final Verdict

Finding a job related to our field, computer engineering is hard. The tech space is full of companies waiting for us to conquer. Do not settle for a low salary when you can make a lot of money with the profession you have.

The choice is yours where you want to work, in the private sector, tech companies, or in the government. Read this article to have a clear decision. 

Computer Engineering Companies

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