5 Must-Have Computer Engineering Skills to Increase Their Salary

Computer Engineer Skills

Computer Engineer Skills to have to secure salary raise

Today, many young individuals appear to take engineering courses, to keep up with society’s rapid changes. This includes technology innovation and the advancement of modern devices and equipment.

To further convey with these changes, many prefers to take engineering courses, especially computer engineering.

However, as a computer engineer, the competition with other allied engineers is getting tougher and harder. If you are lucky enough, then you’ll get the job. But, if unlucky, you have to move on, and look for another job.

If you really are unfortunate, you are obliged to find a job that’s unfit to you. You’re 6 years in computer engineering is wasted.

Yet, even though you completed your engineering course, you may not be competent enough.

Nowadays, there are basic to advance engineering skills that every computer engineer should have. Those are basic AutoCAD skills, programming skills, project management skills, communication skills, and graduate of masters or doctorate degree.

AutoCAD Skills

Since we are in the engineering field, mastering AutoCAD should have been a must.

As a computer engineer, we should be knowledgeable with different CAD software. When we say CAD, it does not only revolve in 2Ds, but also in 3D designs as well.

You can use AutoDesk AutoCAD, Revit, for architecture. Blender, or AutoDesk Maya for 3D Drafting.

Having knowledge of these CAD software gives you an edge against your competitors.

If you don’t have any of these skills, there are online tutorials can be found on the internet.

Google is your friend.

Basic Programming Skills

 Today, many technology advancements in engineering field have required its users to know a little bit about programming.

Various sciences and technology-related industries depend on basic coding skills to run its components and machineries.

As a computer engineer, having these programming skills give you edge against other engineers looking for a salary raise.

However, some of these programming skills do not include in your major, so start learning other programming languages offline, and on the internet. There are many online tutorials, and crash courses offered and can be found on the internet.

Project Management Skills

As computer engineers, we always work in a team. You will be assigned as team leader of a certain project. This can be your stepping stone for a raise.

Eventually, if you gained enough experience, you will be tasked as project manager, and will execute project management skills that you have learned from the past.

The ability to manage a certain team, or a project enables you to perform much daring tasks.

From there, you will be able to build your networks. The ability to handle large projects will make you build connections from other fields.

Some companies may look for a certification that you have undergone project management training. You can try taking up PM training and seminars. You may also take master’s degree in project management to get the necessary skills and certs that you need.

Communication Skills

Computer Engineers should not only focus on technical aspects of the field. You must also be able to deliver narrative reports of a certain project.

Presenting in a persuasive, comprehensive manner will give you the advantage of getting that raise.

We must learn how to communicate properly with other people. The ability to relay ideas to other person is one key for a successful career.

Graduate Degrees

Companies today require an engineer to have graduate degree. These degrees could be Master in Engineering Management, Project Management, Computer Engineering Management, and Administration Programs.

Many millennial engineers like me (the administrator) have been able to finish my graduate degree of Master of Engineering Management. Having this degree really help you to manage a project especially the stakeholders.

Also, this degree offers many certifications on project management skills that can be useful to you.

Higher positions also require higher degree of education. Additionally, an in-depth knowledge and expertise in engineering management.

Computer Engineers should not only knowledgeable in majors but also well-informed and expert in some engineering fields too.


The above-mentioned skills are truly helpful for computer engineers. If you are looking for a job or seeking for a raise, you may want to consider the list above.

The ability to show your boss these qualities may give you the advantage. Eventually, will give you the raise you really want.

As a young computer engineer, you have to gather all these skills. It is for your own good.

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