Which platform should a Computer Engineer build for a Personal brand in 2021?

Computer Engineer Personal Brand

Today, there are hundreds of social media platforms. And each platform has each own way of influencing others. Also, they all have different ways of promoting personal brands.

The infamous Tiktok, wherein, most social leaders can be seen dancing. Hoping that one day can be flagged as an “influencer” on that platform.

Moreover, there’s the Clubhouse which is gaining traction through “Special Invite” to join from a friend who also received one. Additionally, the rise in popularity of “OnlyFans,” which, to date has 85 million users.

Furthermore, you can utilize platforms such as LinkedIn newsletters which you can receive stories, Instagram reels, and Twitter’s new “fleets” feature.

Despite all of these tools, it is still overwhelming how we can take advantage of them to build a personal brand and influence.

In this article, we are going to find out how we can build and promote our own personal brand.

What is your Purpose? Define it!

Like what Simon Sinek has stated, start with why. Why, in the first place are you creating content? “It is better to be profitable than popular.”, according to Marie Forleo. It is 100% correct, because, when someone has a huge number of followers but nothing to show for when it comes to revenue, the massive number of fans is useless.

Today, it is easy to gain numerous likes and comments. But, if those likes or followers can’t convert, then we have a big problem.

So, focus on what your goals are on social media. Write it down. Rank them. See the list below for example.

  1. Build connections with potentials leads.
  2. Hire talent for our growing organization.
  3. Become a known expert in a special field.

Having outline to follow, you’re less likely to fall prey to creating content for content’s sake.

Pick the Right Platform

Based on my experience, it is easier to exert a full-throttle into one platform and learn all the basics, than to try two or three at once. If you have a team in place, then, you might be able to manage it. Below are the platforms you can use based on the demographics you are trying to reach.

  • Facebook: Selling B2C products for older Gen X and Baby Boomers or B2B lower ticket offerings (think online course) to business owners in the same generations.
  • Instagram: Product Marketing to millennials and Gen Z-ish. Why “Z-ish?” Because if you really want to go where the kids are hanging, you probably want to start with the next two first. 
  • Snapchat: Which is great for the Z’s 
  • TikTok: Which is also great for the Z’s but is now adding more generations to it as it swings into the “Early – Late” adopter stage of the “Diffusion of Innovation Model.” 
  • LinkedIn: Performs insanely well if you want to sell B2B services and products to companies with larger budgets. 
  • Twitter: If your target market is the media, or you’re a celebrity, comedian, or politician that thrives on the news cycle 
  • Pinterest: If you want to gain subscribers or sell products to women/mothers

Consistency is the Key

At this moment, you should have chosen the best channel to distribute content. The next big thing is to frequently create content. Algorithms favor consistency.

One viral post will not last. If you hit it big, you need to be consistent. You have to be informative in any other way. The content you will be creating will sustain the audience and potential customers over time.

If you can’t perform this part, you can list down 20-30 questions your audience would like you to solve. The answers can be found through content. By starting here, you’ll build your momentum

Determine which Strategies to follow, which tools to use for a specific platform

Each social media app has its own tools. Take LinkedIn for example. You can write articles, short stories, and inbox campaigns. You can also use Tiktok, and create a short-form video. Get comfy with one, then combine it with another component. Add flavor to the mix.

Write a long story or article, then break it down into shorter videos and status posts. In this way, you can now have a consistent post.


In today’s modern world, I know, it is hard to find your unique spot. You may feel that you are not ready at all, building your own personal brand via social media.

To give you a motivation,

  1. No one is ever ready. The process will give you inspiration. Sometimes, stop on planning, and start publishing.
  2. You may have different channels to use, but, the principle of knowing your audience and delivering value will always be the catalyst to making it work.

“ – The only failure in life is the failure to try.”

Computer Engineer Personal Brand

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