How Computer Engineers can Land a Job on Facebook.

Job-hunting for fresh graduate computer engineers is exhausting. Even though you have a good skill set, if you got rejected, you’ll feel worthless.

The rejection you have experienced will give you anxiety. However, if you really want to find a job, failures won’t stop you to continue on seeking a nice job.

Yet, computer engineer, if your eyes focus on a big-name such as Facebook, to get a job, the selective hiring process is overwhelming. It looks like you won’t pass the interview at all. At least, you tried.

But, don’t get discouraged, you just need to know what you are getting into.

The good thing is, this team spoke to Miranda Kalinowski and Lori Goler, Head of Recruiting and VP of People. They have spoken about what it’s like to interview on Facebook.

Facebook Hiring Process

Kalinowski notes that the process can vary based on what team you’re being hired onto. But across the board, she stresses that Facebook recruits individuals through a number of different channels. These include Facebook’s career site, job fairs at universities, conferences, and even TED Talks.

Generally, recruiters will call and interview you over the phone. The call covers some basics and makes sure you’re a real candidate. It was the first screening.

If they find you a good candidate, they’ll follow up with a phone interview. This time, it focuses on your technical experience and skills.

After that, Kalinowski says that recruiters hand over the hiring process to employees who might be working with you directly.

“They’re the closest to the work being done, so they’re able to impart a lot of first-hand experience about what it’s like to work on that team in that role, as well as answer any questions that the candidate might have,” she tells Business Insider.

Hey computer engineer, if you are promising, you have the chance to be invited on Facebook for more job interviews. You’ll be checking out the campus, go through another 6 interviews with your possible team members.

Goler states that the California-based company is looking to place people that play to their strengths. Unlike other companies, they deploy you in an area that doesn’t fit your skills and expertise.

She also has advice for people who wants to work at Facebook.

“They should just apply,” Goler says. “We hire people every day who just apply to the website. We love meeting people that way. Jump right in.”

How sure are the interviewees get the job?

where do computer engineers work

Kalinowski said, it’s a mistake to boast your accomplishment. If you want to get the job and succeed, you need to able to tie your experience back to Facebook’s core values.

“My advice is, know or explore your passion around connecting the world, because it is at the heart of every single thing we do here,” Kalinowski says. “Once you know it, be able to demonstrate it. Think about your own Facebook story. What impact has Facebook had on your life in helping you connect to the people or things that you love? Be ready to talk about that.”


Every company has its own core value. Before applying for a job, make sure to know what are those. Additionally, you should be able to understand what that company is doing, what is their vision.

You wouldn’t walk-in, pass your resume, talk exclusively about yourself, and answer questions like, “Why they should hire you”. You might be barking at the wrong tree.

Take a deep breath, study the background of the company. You need to convey yourself with their core values.

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