4 Essential Tools a Computer Engineer Should Always Have

Computer Engineer Essential Tools

Nowadays, there are no essential things a computer engineer always carry. Since their devices are inside their home. However, those devices are not as essential as listed here.

I always received a direct message on our Facebook page asking what devices should they buy before entering this course. Do they need a $1,000 laptop for their programming and CAD assignments?

Also, they ask us whether having a scientific calculator is still a must and useful today.

There might be no face-to-face classes today, but these tools are essential tools a computer engineer should always bring into their classes or at work.


This the most essential device a computer engineer must bring. As the profession states, computer engineer. Aside from laptop, you should also have desktop or personal computer in your home or office.

Today, Laptop or PC are prevalent. Anyone can purchase a laptop.

I think, laptop is a must in today’s era. Modern world requires modern device, and this is one of it.

If you are asking how much does a laptop cost, it depends on what purpose will it serve.

A good working laptop would only cost $1,000.00. It can run various apps and programs needed for computer engineering study and work. You can also browse this page to view desktop builds for your need.


Regardless of what operating system, you have to get one of this. But I think, no one today has no smartphone. It is also one of the basic needs of everyone living in the modern world.

The differences between smartphones are the apps available in their ecosystem. Android OS has more apps since it has been open source.

On the other hand, the iOS has lesser apps compared to Android. However, iOS’ apps are 100% reliable and accurate, bugless, and more secure.

If you are wealthy, then why not get both smartphones, there are apps unavailable on each of devices and vice versa.

In my experience, Android smartphones should be considered if you are to use them on a working and daily basis. You are a computer engineer so you can recommend, download, and install applications useful in your organization.

If you are a design industry, like a videographer, graphic artist, I may recommend you to use iOS. It has powerful built-in editing tools. You can benefit from it.

PC Repair Toolkit

What would you do if your pc or laptop is not working. Will you bring it to a repairman? Nah. As a computer engineer, you have been taught how to troubleshoot these devices.

There are many PC repair toolkits available on the internet.

Basically, computer repair toolkits compose of screwdrivers with different sizes of tips and anti-static traps. Precision tools are used for removing or taking apart joint pieces of a laptop or a pc. It can also be used for smartphone devices.

Network Repair Toolkit

This tool kit is used for troubleshooting a network. Usually it is composed of pliers, crimping tools, different sizes of cable sleeve remover depending on the cable size.

It also has a network connectivity checker or a LAN tester. Some network repair toolkit has RJ45 and cable ties. Also, it has fiber optic cable (FOC) kits since we are now dealing with this kind of cable.


These stuffs are not essential, however, bear in mind that you might carry these in your bag in case you need it.

Measuring Stick, Tape Measure, or Ruler.

You might be in a building a required to measure a certain block or wall. If you have the drawing or plan of the room or build, then you have to measure it on site.

Flashlight, LED Light

If you are to crawl up and under a dark place, you can easily grab a flashlight for you to use.

Final Thoughts

I don’t any more tools or devices a computer engineer should have. These have been the things I always use on an occasional basis at my work.

If you have something in mind, do not hesitate to comment down here or on our Facebook page.

Computer Engineer Essential Tools

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