The 7 Common Misconceptions About Computer Engineers

Common Misconceptions About Computer Engineers

Common Misconceptions About Computer Engineers

Let’s face it, computer engineers are always categorized as stereotypes. No matter what we do, and how hard we try, we are considered to be one.

It is somehow annoying when we prove to them that we are not. Especially to non-computer engineers, it is tiring to explain to them that we are not stereotypes.

To further enhance their understanding, here are some misconceptions about Computer Engineers

All Computer Engineers Wanted to be Computer Engineers

No. That’s a big lie. Just like everyone else, majority of computer engineers do not like to be one. They only took computer engineering because it’s the best option to take, and it guarantees us a stable job after graduation.

All Computer Engineers are Math Wizards

No. A big lie again. The field of engineering comprises of more intelligent people than usual, however, that doesn’t mean that ALL of US are intelligent.

We really don’t know what we’re getting into, and most of us hate math. Trust me, been there, done that. Yet, 95% of your total subjects are math. By then you’ll start loving math.

Computer Engineers are Geek

No. It is not for all of us. It just happens that these nerds in computer engineering are not afraid to showcase their geekiness.

But the truth is, most of us do party, go to restaurants and have a drink. We also like to party and wander to peaceful places. These are the best ways to relieve stress, and academic pressure. It is our coping and destressing mechanisms.

404 Female Computer Engineers

Not True! Females might be outnumbered by Male, but females do exist. And these females are hot!

You Should Not Date a Computer Engineer

This is freakin’ hilarious. Why? Computer Engineers barely has any time due to academics, but they can also make time for you. They can free up their schedule just to hang out with you, or date with you.

They can put you on their priority list instead of doing anything else.

We, Computer Engineers do not cheat. We do not have time for that.

Computer Engineers do not have a Sense of Humor.

No. Here is a big lie again.  If you friend with an actual computer engineer, you’ll know that this is not true. Their sense of humor varies from sarcastic, nerd humor, to downright so weird you can’t help but laugh.

You’ll find that sense of humor of computer engineers in a workplace, in their group or society.

Most Computer Engineers are Socially Awkward

This is not true. Like every one else, we are social, we just choose not to. We choose not to because we do not have time for it. However, just like the dating misconception, we can write it down on our schedule, and place it on the priority list.

The truth is, we are social, we also have friends. We go out, and spend quality time with family and relatives, just like any engineering profession. It just a matter of schedule and early planning.

Final Thoughts

There are many other misconceptions about computer engineers. And these aren’t all of them. But the list here is the most common fallacies to be corrected.

Common Misconceptions About Computer Engineers

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