M’sian FemTech focuses too much on Periods & Fertility, this Startup is out to change that

Citayana Being

Citayana Being

Meera is no stranger to dealing with the frustrations of finding proper solutions for her hormonal imbalances and irregular periods that weren’t just temporary fixes to suppress symptoms.

Once she started opening up with her struggles, she found many other women in her circle battled similar health conditions. Meera’s university friend, Rinisha also noticed her own close circle struggling to find help to manage or treat their polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

When Meera and Rinisha reconnected years after graduating, this topic of underserved female healthcare came up over brunch, and they lamented that they were not in the health field.

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Meera brought her consulting and startup experience to the table while Rinisha contributed her medical bioscience and SME marketing knowledge, and together, they set about creating Citayana Being.

A Common Issue that’s Still Largely Unaddressed

Citayana Being has its core focus on PCOS, and the duo explained it’s because the chronic condition is the most common hormonal disorder among women, with 1 in 10 suffering from it.

“At Citayana Being, we want to help women identify and navigate PCOS and other hormonal imbalances by increasing earlier diagnosis and providing coordinated, holistic, and personalised care to manage their symptoms,”

But don’t get it wrong, they’re not trying to replace a physical visit to a doctor’s office. Instead, what you’d get on the site would be a consolidation of verified practitioners consisting of gynecologists, fitness coaches, dietitians, alternative care practitioners, and more.

Going beyond Menstruation & Fertility

When speaking of femtech in Malaysia, a lot of the existing solutions tackle menstruation and fertility. Beyond those markets, other female issues remain underserved.

“Besides that, many women-focused issues that have opportunities for femtech development were topics that were stigmatised and, to a certain extent, still are today,” 

That it’s a healthcare site means that trust is all the more paramount, which could be a challenge for the new startup. To overcome this, the team will provide touchpoints where users can opt for an initial free consultation to experience the site after they’ve signed up or joined the waitlist.


Citayana Being

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