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CpE Certification is Real!

Yes, CpE certification is real!

The Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines held its 7th National Convention on November 26-29, 2019 at City Asturias Hotel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The theme was “Addressing Challenges in Data Privacy and Cyber Security: Respecting Privacy and Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.”.

CpE Certification is Real

In addition, the General Assembly and the 1st International Research Conference for Computer Application, Innovation, Technology and Engineering (IRCCAITE) were also included in the affair.


Read: Computer Engineering Certification is Real

The engineers and students were welcomed by the City Mayor of Puerto Princesa City, Hon. Lucilo R. Bayron. His message inspires the attendees how their profession can change the community. Also, he emphasized that computer engineers are at the forefront of the Philippines in facing global challenges especially in the field of technology and engineering.

Eventually, Dr. Corazon Rebong, chapter President of ICpEP Region 4-A called the attention of the chamber for the awarding of Certificate of Recognition to Lifetime Members of the institution. The ICpEP National President Engr. Desiderio R. Apag III headed it.

CpE Certification is Real

Moreover, the awardees came from different regions of the country. Furthermore, awarding of Plaque of Appreciation was given to the outgoing board of governors for their great contribution to the institution.

The Long Wait is Over!

The announcement made by the ICpEP national president, Engr. Apag III was one of the highlights of the general assembly. The president declared that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved their petition for the ICpEP Certification Board.

This means that the institution can validate individual’s qualification in the field of computer engineering. Also, he emphasized the approval of the organizations’ BIR application.

In addition, he encouraged everyone to use and share #CpECertificationIsReal to disseminate this great success of the institution on every social media platform. Besides, CpE certification is real!

CpE Certification is Real!

Read: Computer Engineering Certification is Real

Additionally, the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) will be released in April 2020. This will the basis of the board for the issuance of certification for all the board passers.

Furthermore, Dr. Ryan Evangelista, ICpEP SG-Chapter president discussed the proposed Computer Engineering Bill (CpE Bill).

Moreover, the bill provides a more responsive and comprehensive regulation for the registration, licensing and practice of professional computer engineers, registered computer engineers. Likewise, for computer engineering technologist and computer technicians.

Join ICpEP today!

CpE Certification is Real

Just after the momentous event from the national convention, with the #CpECertificationIsReal hashtag, computer engineering graduates and industry practitioners were amazed by the declaration of Engr. Apag III.

Graduates have been asking how to take the exam. What are the requirements? One thing is for sure, you must be a REGULAR MEMBER / LIFETIME MEMBER of ICpEP. Furthermore, details will be discussed at the General Assembly in April 2020.


This isn’t a fake news. I was present at the 7th ICpEP National Convention. Besides, the announcement made by Engr. Apag III was really a big deal.

In addition, this board will aid our BSCpE Program chair and department heads to fully practice our profession and recognized by different organizations.

Finally, I encourage every one of you, students and engineers, let us support our own society. I am hoping that we can meet-and-greet on the next General Assembly of ICpEP. Besides, CpE certification is real!

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Palayan City Website Developer

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Palayan City Produces New Breeds of Digital Marketers

The local government of Palayan City in partnership with the Department of Information & Communications Technology (DICT) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched the Digital Jobs Ph last August 5, 2019, and finally completed its directive on November 20, 2019. Thirty-two (32) scholars benefited from the activity and now well-equipped of skills & knowledge to conquer the freelancing world.

Palayan City ICT council head Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas and council member Hon. Julius “Mader” Sta. Maria attended the activity. Likewise, DICT Regional Director Engr. Reynaldo T. Sy and Provincial OIC Director Engr. Sinag Abello were present during the event.


Palayan City produces new breeds of digital marketers.

The scholars finally made it to the graduation day after 12 weeks of hurdles and sleepless nights. According to Ms. Ampy Fernandez, co-trainer of the activity,

“There were times that even its midnight, scholars continue to submit their tasks. I’ve been there. I have known your struggles since the beginning of the training.”

This statement shows how committed our trainees were during their journey.

Palayan City Digital Marketers

Moreover, Sir Jay Balan also said

“I will be waiting for the result of our training after 6 months. And within that timeframe, I wish that you’re utilizing what you have learned during our activity. Furthermore, I am hoping that you can find your freelancing purpose throughout your voyage.”

In addition, Regional Director Engr. Reynaldo Sy expresses his gratitude and heartfelt greetings before the scholars. He mentioned how the affair would be helpful for the scholars who participated in the undertaking.

“I am very much hopeful that this training serves its purpose. Please, apply all the learnings you gain from this activity to help yourself, your family and your community. I am optimistic that one day you’ll become a professional online freelance worker and have the chance to help others.”

Sincere Appreciations

Palayan City produces new breeds of digital marketers.

Furthermore, Palayan City Mayor Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas expresses her deepest thanks to the whole team of DICT for their untiring support for the vibrant city.

“Thank you, RD Sy, of DICT and Ms Sinag, the trainers, DTI, [M]SMEs and the graduates for all your support, patience & determination. I am hoping that from this day forward, we change lives of those involved in this wonderful program for the better.”

 “Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.”, she further added. Besides, she managed to share her thoughts of another wave of scholars for the next Digital Jobs Ph training next time, “Til’ our next batch.”

Thank You, Mayor

This website also appreciates the dynamism of the city mayor of Palayan City, Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas for her initiative of bringing ICT in my beloved city. This endeavor won’t be possible without her full support and benevolence for Palayanos.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Palayan City Website Developer

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

Digital Jobs Ph Training in Palayan City finishes its Second Week

Palayan City – The local government of Palayan City, in partnership with the Department of Information & Communication Technology (DICT) launches Digital Jobs Philippines Training on August 5, 2018 and finishes its 4th day (out of 14 days formal seminar and 21-day campaign) last Sept 10, 2019.

More than 100 applicants from different barangays of Palayan City were interviewed. Thirty (30) scholars were selected and underwent orientation seminar on August 28, 2019 at the Audio-Visual Room, City hall building, barangay Singalat, Palayan City.

Digital Jobs Ph scholars
Digital Jobs Ph scholars

DICT Luzon Cluster 2 Assistant Regional Director Antonio Padre and Councilor Julius “Mader” Sta. Maria of Palayan City LGU were present during the event and delivered inspirational messages for the scholars and MSMEs.

First Week – September 4 & 5, 2019

Mr. Jay Balan of Rippletrend Digital Marketing Services, resource speaker, shares his expertise about Digital marketing & E-commerce before the scholars and MSMEs.

Digital Jobs Ph first week of training
Digital Jobs Ph first week of training

Introduction to digital marketing & e-commerce were presented. Scholars and MSMEs were partnered together before the continuation of the afternoon session.

The first task that was given to the scholars was Brand development. It aims to understand the product of the MSME. The scholars were tasked to create a buyer persona of the MSME. This activity verifies what kind of market should the scholar target to sell the MSMEs products and/or services.

Second Week – September 9 & 10, 2019

To further equip the scholars with digital marketing skills, they tackled product photography, site map creation and introduction to the content management system, WordPress.

Digital Jobs Ph second week of training

They used improvised materials such as white cartolina and a smartphone’s camera on product photography. These materials were used to take photographs of the MSMEs products which will be uploaded on their website. See our scholars’ photography below.

Digital Jobs Ph scholar sample photography
This picture was taken by a Senior High School student of Palayan City National High School

The afternoon session was about site map creation and introduction to WordPress CMS. Site map defines as the list of pages of a website designed by programmers together with the owner during the planning phase.

Since the scholars initially site mapped their MSMEs, they started creating E-Commerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. WordPress and WooCommerce pages were listed and added on the sitemap after the installation process.

Other technical aspects they performed were SEO keyword, Google analytics and search console.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

This Company invents Wireless Toilet Bidet and now reaches $1,026,906 Funding

Sonny invents Wireless Toilet Bidet.

“Mother nature’s call” could be as peaceful as staying in the countryside or disastrous like a nuclear explosion. Either of these depends on how the food you intake would behave during the process of digestion.

Calm or troublesome, cleaning our rear-end is always a hassle. Even if it’s a personal business; we just do not want to deal with the stink, how disgusting it is and the worst part is avoiding to touch any of that fecal matter while washing ourselves!


Wireless Bidet commercial photo
Photo from Sonny

The United States used five-hundred billion gallons of water and cut off fifty million trees last year to mass-produce toilet-papers. With this project, it can reduce US’s consumption of toiletries and help environmental advocates in taking care our nature and for the conservation of our natural resources.

Difference with other ways of cleaning bottoms

How we usually clean our buttocks is either wiping it with toilet-paper or flushable wipes. But it has downsides that make some people invest to using bidet. Toilet-paper does not ensure a hundred percent clean butt whereas flushable wipes almost does the same thing but it clogs the sewage plants in cities that could cause flooding when storm fall.

Wireless Bidet commercial photo
Photo from Sonny

Bidet, however, is preferably hygienic but it’s not a good solution for conserving water and the expensive installment for others makes it impractical thus resorting to just using toilet-papers and wipes.

This Start-up project is convenient for people who like to travel and “drop a dookie” at the same time. The size of it is modeled to minimize the space that it needs to fill in your luggage.

What is Sonny and how does it work?

Meet Sonny! A portable bidet that can shoot out water just like a normal bidet. It is literally a victory in your hands.

What makes Sonny convenient is it does not need an expensive installment. All you have to do is charge, fill it with water, follow the rest of the manual and it should do the job for your behind without worrying to get your hands dirty.

For more information about Sonny’s Wireless Bidet, watch this video below.

Moreover, they are looking for someone who could demonstrate its usage. Comment down below if you are interested. Thanks you!

Author: AB-Jay C. Baltazar

Working as part-time clerk and Barista in Chillax Cafe, NZ. A casual writer employed by his own thoughts.

This Start-Up gets CA$ 1, 024, 477 fund from Kickstarter Community

Could you imagine growing 90 kinds of fruits and veggies simultaneously inside your home? You might think that it requires a huge area to plant those vegetations, or how does it work, if there’s any. This Kickstarter backed-up project will give you an idea how they revolutionize sector of agriculture and future of indoor gardening.

Meet O-Garden Smart. This kind of indoor garden/vegetation system allows you to produce fresh fruits and veggies inside your home. It supplements your grocery shopping needs by producing sufficient supply of veggies.

Photo from O-Garden Smart

The good news about this project is that weather conditions doesn’t affect your plants. You never have to worry about the seasonal production of what and when you grow your vegetations. You have annual supply of your favorite fruits and veggies.

How does it work

Just place your seeds on planting cups and put it on top of the nursery platform below the rotating wheel. When it sprouts, place it on the rotating wheel and wait its produce. Underneath the rotating wheel and the nursery are trays that contains water for the plants.

The rotating wheel can hold 60 plants while the nursery box below can hold 30 plants simultaneously.

Photo from O-Garden Smart

The LED light gives-off enough light and the watering system provides sufficient amount of water for optimal plant production. This indoor gardening system ensures no pesticides, herbicides and wastes. It is chemical-free plants and 100% safe to consume.


The problems with the traditional gardening are time and space consuming, it has no guaranteed harvest, wasteful, lots of pests and seasonal growing. On the other side, the problem with hydroponics is that it is difficult to maintain, time and space consuming and worst, complicated to set-up.

The scarcity of land in urban areas results to insufficient plants to grow. Fruits and vegetables come from outside of these urban areas just to sustain their living. This innovation solves the shortage of crop lands in metropolitan areas.

With this indoor gardening system, you don’t need to travel to the nearest store to buy fresh fruits and veggies. Because of its indoor nature, you can harvest it directly anytime. Moreover, you can monitor how it grows and easily decide what to plant.

O-Garden system eliminates the traditional gardening and hydroponics system problems. Because it is indoor, there is no seasonal harvest. It’s compatibility and small-scale size made it easy to use, easy to assemble and low maintenance. It has automatic watering and lighting system securing your timely harvest. Lastly, it is 100% organic which doesn’t affect the environment, has sustainable design and saves time and money.

Watch O-Garden Smart below.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

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Computer Engineers Should Focus more on Innovations against Climate Change.

The incessant rains caused by southwest monsoon few days ago resulted to the flooding of some portions in Metro Manila. Due to heavy downpour of rain last Friday, the government forced to declare class suspensions. Government and private company workers were sent home at 3:00 pm.

Heavy rains are caused by climate change. An increase in temperature also results to heavier precipitation. A warmer atmosphere holds up and dumps more water. Heavy rainfall does not mean it will, however, the potential flood on certain areas increase.

Computer Engineers Today

Nowadays, computer engineers mainly focus on developing mobile applications. Due to its high-demand in the market, they put an effort to address different problems in different industries. On my remark, their attention is more on software applications. They are also employed in big companies as network engineers and senior consultants.

Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines – Singapore Chapter

Computer engineering students today are more focused on Internet of Things and interconnected devices as their research papers. Upon my observation, one area of their concentration is also on website development. However, these research papers have not been addressing climate change.

The Right Maneuver

According to UN, by 2030, we should be able to achieve these 17 Sustainable Development Goals. There are 6 sustainable goals which I think addresses climate change. (7) Affordable and clean energy, (9) industry, innovation and infrastructure, (11) sustainable cities and communities, (13) climate action, (14) life below water and (15) life on land. And during the course of my studies, I have encountered several problems we are currently facing which signifies the need to attain the 17 SDGs.

Photo from google

With that, as students and professionals, we should be concentrating on innovation which focuses on combatting climate change. There are technological innovations in different industries where we could help in battling global warming and climate change.

Air ink start-up company that produces ink is a great example. These inks were made up of air-pollution matter. Carbon sooth from chimney, exhaust pipes of cars and generators were filtered. Filtered carbon matter gone through series of processes to produce ink.

You could also develop an artificial tree or leaves which traps carbon particulates and turn it into usable material. Innovation of clean energy sources to reduce carbon emissions of coal power plants. The development of cheap e-vehicles is also one-way to reduce carbon emission.

There are many feasible ways to fight the effects of climate, from prevention to mitigation purposes. It is up to you.   

Wrapping it up

Since my attendance on different training workshops, I have noticed the vital role of technology in fighting against climate change. During my graduate studies, we have tackled different technological advancements which lessens carbon emissions.

According to this article, humans could be displaced by the effects of climate change by 2050. The world we are living would be facing intense heatwaves, heavy rains and flooding, reduction of crop yields, sea level rise and forest destruction.

People displaced by flooding

Fellow professional computer engineers, we must do everything that we can to prevent the apocalypse. We have the capacity to do so. Brilliant young minds should spearhead on the development of effective technology. Seniors and professionals should assist other institutions on combating climate change.

With these strategies, we could lengthen the lives of different species living on earth including us.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

Digital Jobs Ph in Palayan City, N.E.

There are Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) categorized businesses in Palayan City. These numbers help the city to boost its economy.  According to DTI – Palayan City, from January to July 2019, 166 businesses where registered and 85% were from the city. However, online workers / sellers and freelancers weren’t among the statistics.

Today, businesses and start-ups companies are increasing. The ability of each individual to market their products is boundless. From clothing, printing services, laundry shop, sneakers, almost all kinds of businesses are available online.

Social media platform like Facebook is an instrument to boost their sales. It is the current trend nowadays for online sellers to vend their products “Live” on this online platform. The devices they need are just their smartphone and internet connection. They can reach out even the farthest region.

Freelance and Online Selling

According to Randy Duermyer, freelancer is a self-employed individual or entity which works with different companies without permanent tenure. They offer services and consultation on a project basis. Although their relationship can be on-going and long-term. With that said, they are viewed as personal contractors as well.

Online selling is a kind of freelancing business where an individual sells a variety of products. This includes the marketing of clothes, smart devices, equipment and anything that is vendible in the market.

Other kinds of freelancing aside from online selling are copy-writing, graphics designing and web development.

The Role of the City

Majority of the populace in Palayan City are sari sari store owners and considered as Micro Enterprise. Other than that, there are business establishments that are big enough which employs more than 90 workers and are categorized as Medium enterprises. The local government unit of Palayan City, in partnership with DTI and NGA’s provide different assistance for the establishment and expansion of their particular industries.

The advent of technologies, specifically in digital marketing also help our stakeholders. In partnership with the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT), the local government unit of Palayan City will hold the “DIGITAL JOBS PH” technical training.

According to Engr. Maria Sinag P. Abello, Information Technology Officer 1, OIC Provincial Head DICT -Nueva Ecija, this technical training aims:

  • to promote ICT enabled jobs as high – value economic activity in rural areas.
  • provides a venue of collaboration between online marketing collaboration for MSMEs
  • provide better service and more valuable training that are highly in-demand for online jobs worldwide. 

Schedule of screening for trainees as of this writing will be on August 5 onwards. Updated numbers of registered applicants reach to 100 and still counting. Amongst these numbers, 30 individuals will proceed to the training venue at DICT – Nueva Ecija Provincial office located at 2nd floor, Admin building, Palayan City Business Hub.


I consider myself as one of the freelancers. As a computer engineer, I have been applying my skills to increase my monthly income. The seminar to be conducted by our local government unit will surely helps us to further improve our capabilities. It will increase our knowledge on how we are going to sell our products and services with full legality.

For the online sellers and freelancers, I encourage you to develop your skills and talents to attract more potential clients. Learn all the legal grounds of your business to avoid irregularities. During kick-off ceremony, do not hesitate to ask question for clarification. Your questions might be valuable for everybody.

To our local government unit headed by our very supportive city mayor, Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas, I am very thankful for this opportunity. Your precedence to serve our citizen is a highly – commendable and visible. I hope that this endeavor is not the last for ICT-enabled government, but the commencement of valuable training and seminars in the field of ICT.

I envision my hometown to be ICT-powered city. That vision shall never vanish.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

Team of engineers developed a mobile application assisting CDRRMO emergency response

Group of engineers under the program Master of Engineering Management of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology – Graduate School developed an “Interactive Mobile Application for Less Emergency Response Time – iMALERT” and recently published by International Journal Advance Engineering, Management and Science.

According to this data, road accidents have been a global problem. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said that 10, 012 individual died from road crashes in 2015 which leads the cause of deaths among 5-24 year-olds.

The Front-liners

Photo from google chrome

Fast response time is an important element during emergency. Front-liners in the government should make well-planned rescue strategies to avoid death and casualties. Radio communication is one way to quickly respond to emergencies.

“iMALERT” addresses the problem on emergency response. The mobile application “aimed to aid in emergency response activities of Palayan City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office through real-time incident reporting”.

Embedded technology

Engineers Oscar P. Oganiza (CPE), Mae P. Reselva (ECE), Jayson Paul V. Vicencio (ECE), Rolando Casim Jr (EE) and Dr. Gener Subia (EE) developed this interactive mobile application integrated with database system that allows the people to serve as “human sensors”.

Using the smartphones’ Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities and a database system with integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) platform, it will provide more information about the location and areas’ topology to better assess the emergency. Additionally, the reports will be automatically available because of the optimized data server .

Photo from google chrome

The mobile application has an over-all total weighted mean of 3.66. This verifies its high level of accuracy, accessibility, functionality and security. It only shows how user-friendly the application. The app has a high level of security for its users and archived data. It is the first mobile application to be developed purposely for Palayan city.


This study only focuses on Palayan City. The findings do not translate entirely of all the people of Nueva Ecija. Additional studies should be done to further strengthen the result of this study.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

LGU – Palayan City to conduct Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) project, creates ICT council.

Republic Act 11315

President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the community based monitoring system into law on April 17, 2019.

This mandates every local government to generate “updated and disaggregated data necessary in targeting beneficiaries, conducting more comprehensive poverty analysis and needs prioritization, designing appropriate policies and interventions, and monitoring over time”.

Its directives include the regular data collection by LGUs every three (3) years. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will be spearheading the implementation of the law.

In compliance with the law, the local government of Palayan City will be conducting CBMS project for the 2nd time. On June 26, 2019, the city government started the recruitment for field enumerators and editors as posted on facebook group “Isyu Palayano” .

According to CPDO LGU – Palayan City Facebook page, the project will be launched on Aug 1, 2019.

Executive Order No. 10 S. 2019

On the latter, the city government of Palayan identifies the vital role of Information and Communication Technology. The LGU recognizes “that the development of ICT will have a higher chance of success and sustainability if it is private sector-led, market based and government-enabled.”

Snapshot of Executive Order No. 10, Series 2019

Mayor Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas, inked the Executive Order no. 10 s. 2019 creating the City Information and Communications Technology Council. The council consists of the city mayor, committee on education, various government offices, DepEd, private entities and NGAs.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology – Nueva Ecija (DICT – NE) thru the partnership of the City Government of Palayan will be conducting DIGITAL JOBS PH Technical Training. This will be the 1st ICT campaign after the signing of EO no. 10 s 2019.

According to DICT-NE, the said training will help the trainees to become a successful online worker/freelancer. Modules include Digital Marketing, Content Development and Web Development.

Online application here.

On my perspective

The signing of EO 10 s. 2019 could be the start of wide IT infrastructure in Palayan City. The partnership between the government and private sectors could be a game-changer. IT infrastructures include city-wide connectivity, online-government services and ICT command center.

The building of Palayan City Business Hub made the city government of Palayan fell behind in terms of ICT implementation. The convergence of the government and private sectors could help the city’s comeback.

I hope that these events would commence my envision of ICT-powered, ICT-enabled city of Palayan.

My goal is to make this city smart, Smart City of Palayan, sounds great!

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

8 Reasons to Date a Computer Engineer: Rank 8th should be attested.

Every now and then, there are rumors that engineers are difficult to understand because of their way of thinking; that their mentality is different from other existing professions.

Civil engineers are specialized for structural analyses, electrical engineers for electrical diagrams, computer engineers for networking and design of wide range of IT infrastructures.

Moreover, they have diverse techniques to court and date woman. In this post, we will be going to write reasons why computer engineers make a good partner and why you should try to date one.

1. Rare breed

Due to the increase of computerization, there is a high demand for them. Because of this situation, they are hard to find. You can’t easily find them along cross roads chit-chatting with every one else. They are busy configuring networks and coding to make this world a better place to live.

Same thing goes with the dating world. If you are lucky to have a partner like them, they will work hard to make your relationship better.

2. They are problem fixers

With the current trends that surrounds, many of you are outdated. You get new device but somehow how you find it difficult to manage. Unlike others, they have set of skills that no other engineers have. They always strive to learn about everything.

Because they are tech-savvy, 98% of the time they know how to figure out your problem.

Lucky you if you have one. In real world, dating a computer engineer solves all your problems. He can solve your problems related to every day technology. If you lost your password or you want to recover corrupted files. They are the right choice.

3. They are smart

Photo from Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines, Singapore Chapter

No one would argue that computer engineers are intelligent. They are men behind what you are interacting today. You are benefiting from their work every day. From facebook, youtube, google chrome. Any applications you’ve been using on your smartphones are the fruit of their labor.

In the real world, dating a computer engineers is less emotional and more logical. With this skill, you will never experience overreaction whenever you get to into trouble against them.

When it comes to relationship, they are calm when dispute arises. Problems are weighed logically.

4. They got nerves of a genius

You are in the IT infrastructure business when suddenly everything goes down. Your technical staffs aren’t favored with the situation. Try considering these geniuses in the field of computer engineering.

Place them into your technical working group and see how fast problem is being solved. (That is why they are paid so well.)

5. They are strategic and good planners

Engineers always have long-term plans. And because of their way of living, it is rest assured that your financial stability is in the right hand. Like being said that they are paid so well, they are likely to achieve greater heights and stability in the near future.

6. Cheating is a bad idea

Because of their professionalism and work ethic, they are more likely considered as workaholic rather than a cheater. They are honest and loyal. Now, It is your turn to look for guys like us.

They might be shy at first and more likely not to go into deep relationship until they find what they really love. If they give their heart to you, please handle it with care.

7. Sweeter than honey

If they find themselves being with you makes them deeply worthy, they will do the same in return or much satisfying. Encoded program applications are sample gifts they can make for you. Moreover, they would buy you expensive gifts to satisfy your desires through surprises.

8. Great in Bed

Here’s the climax. After knowing the fact that they are intelligent, smart ass, rare breed of professionals, long-term planners, loyal and sweet, it is best to know that inside their crib, they are really good in bed. Sleeping is their hobby.         


These reasons are based on my research and personal views. The 8th reason must be verified first. If you think that number 8 should be included, then comment positively. Comment and suggest what you think is better substitute for it. I am waiting for your personal views.

Write down below what topic about computer engineering should be tackled on this blog.

Thanks for dropping by.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play Archero and Nonstop Balls during his free time.