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5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

Palayan City celebrates its 54th founding anniversary today. The compassion, commitment and diligence of the City Mayor Hon. Adrianne Mae “Rianne” Cuevas, transforms the city into an urban, vibrant city in Nueva Ecija.

On its 54th Founding Anniversary, the local government prepared something special that you will only experience in the City. Written below are the 5-reasons to be present on its founding anniversary.

1. Amazing Exhibition

The city prepares a breathtaking show for everyone. Watch and be amazed by the Philippine Army Parachute Team’s skydiving exhibition on the first day. moreover, witness the diver’s free-fall parachute jump. This will happen on Sunday, at Cucio Property, Brgy. Caballero, Palayan City.

In addition, the next performance will be the Moto-X-Treme challenge. The participants will race to be on top of the league inside the enclosed off-road track. However, you can only watch them from afar for your safety. This will happen at the same location after the skydiving exhibition.

2. Opportunity to Explore 

A special Ecumenical Service will be taken place at Palayan City Plaza Concepcion on its 2nd day. Similarly, a thanksgiving mass will be held to give thanks for all the blessings we have received.

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

Eventually, the city will have its 1st Rainbow Summit 2019 (LGBTQ+). Everyone is invited to watch, listen and carefully understand the message to be shared. This will start at 9 am at the Palayan City conference center.

3. Be part of Community Service

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

Also, the city organized a Community Service for Barangays Doña Josefa and Langka. This undertaking will aid our constituents through free medical check-up. Besides, community service develops an increased sense of social responsibility. We have to do what we can to help wherever and whenever it is possible to help.

4. Have a Fun Field Experience.

Furthermore, endless happiness will continue on the 4th day of celebration. The venue for Bingo bonanza is at Palayan City Plaza Concepcion, December 4, 2019, Wednesday at 8 am. There will be tons of prizes to be given away! Bring your cards and play them well.

The city will also conduct Diskwento Caravan. It is being done in collaboration with the businessmen who are willing to sell at a discounted price.

“Gabay Pagmamahal sa Nakatatanda” and Mr & Ms Day Care 2019 will also be conducted at Plaza Concepcion. This endeavor would support the welfare of the community most especially the elderly and children.

5. Unforgettable Day until Night

Enjoy the moment while it lasts. Bring sufficient energy and start your day by joining Zumba Dance Competition. Wear comfortable clothes and invite your colleagues and don’t forget to bring towels and a water bottle.

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

After that, the Larong Pinoy activity will bring back the fun and excitement of Traditional Filipino Games. Watch and see which games will be announced.

Lastly, there will be a Variety Show. Enjoy and be entertained by the artists’ spectacular show. Mr. Piolo Pascual, Ms. Maja Salvador and Ms. Morisette Amon are some of the guests. So, save the day and be one of the masses.

Furthermore, this program will never happen without the benevolence of the City Mayor.

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Little Teemee wants to be a Minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo

During our early childhood, we were often asked the question “what would you want to be when you grow up?”. Typically, Asian children have a particular profession to choose from, either a doctor, lawyer, police or an engineer. But Timmy is different! He wants to be a minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) “to be able to learn how to read the bible”!

Marcus Teemothy Tadiaman or also known as “Timmy” has surprised everyone in the audience of “Eat Bulaga” by his answers from the hosts’ questions. Eat Bulaga is one of the longest airing noon-time shows in the Philippines.

Teemee answer Eat Bulaga hosts' questions

Question & Answer

In the interview between the young host Ryzza Mae Dizon, co-host Jose Manalo and Timmy, in the segment of the show called “That’s my boy”, which Timmy was a contestant, Ryzza asked Timmy:

Ryzza Mae Dizon: “Anong gusto mo maging paglaki mo?”
Timmy: “Gusto ko po maging ministro.”

The young host was not familiar with the term “ministro”. She asked Jose “kuya Jose, anong Ministro?” Jose then explained that “ministro” or ministers are the brethren or members within ‘The Church of Christ’.

Intrigued by Timmy’s answer, the hosts asked him some follow-up questions:

Jose Manalo: “Bakit gusto mo maging Ministro?”
Timmy: “Gusto kong matuto magbasa ng bibliya.”
Jose Manalo: “Bakit gusto mong matuto magbasa ng bibliya?”
Timmy: “Gusto ko pong tulungan si Ka. Eduardo V. Manalo”

His answers amazed everybody in the audience and later heralded a good uproar among the people in social media.

Teemee wants to be a Minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo

Conversation in English

Ryzza Mae Dizon: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Timmy: “I want to be a minister(of Iglesia Ni Cristo / Church of Christ)”
Ryzza Mae Dizon: “Jose, What’s a minister?”
Jose Manalo: “They are our brethren in the Church of Christ.”
To Timmy “Why did you want to be a minister?”
Timmy: “I want to learn how to read the bible”
Jose Manalo: “Why did you want to learn how to read the bible?”
Timmy: “so that I could help Brother Eduardo V. Manalo…”

Watch the full video below or play at 9:50

Church’ Global Success

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo is the current Executive Minister of the Church of Christ.
He visits the Districts and Locales of the church all over the world to preach and propagate God’s teachings.

Click here to know more about the Iglesia Ni Cristo

The Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) is a Christian religion whose primary purpose is to serve and worship the Almighty God based on His teachings recorded in the Bible. It is not a denomination or sect. It is neither affiliated to any federation or religious bodies nor itself an assembly of smaller churches or religious organizations.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church of Christ is also known for doing incredible activities such as Evangelical Missions, Aid to Humanity, “Welcome my brethren” and many more throughout the world.

Place where Iglesia Ni Cristo Ministers congregates

INC has also bagged many records in the Guinness World Records including the World Wide Walk in 2014 and having the one to build the Largest Indoor Arena In the world which is the Philippine Arena.

Recently, Iglesia Ni Cristo has booked yet another Guinness World Record again for the “Most People Baptised” which was held in the Philippine Arena on the 7th of September 2019.

Update: Bro Timmy is currently registered at the local congregation of Templo Central

Watch the full video below or play at 9:50

What did you think about Timmy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: AB-Jay C. Baltazar

Working as a part-time clerk and Barista in Chillax Cafe, NZ. A casual writer employed by his own thoughts.

How this poor puppy which was left in a snowy place found his ‘hooman’ best friend.

It is fun and fulfilling when you see dogs play around with their ‘hooman’ best friend in the park, in your friend’s or your neighbors backyard. Especially, people who have a strong connection with animals.

On the other side of the coin, there are dogs that ungratefully have irresponsible owners. Social media lately disclose of how disturbing, pitiful and inhuman; dogs are being treated in various places around world.

Photo from TheDodo

In this Facebook page, they posted a video of a puppy—abandoned not far from the neighborhood. You can see in the footage that the poor puppy is tied in a utility-pole with its collar and leash still attached to its neck when a passerby found him.

What more could worsen the situation is the foot-inch of snow everywhere in the area. The puppy was crying so loud seeking for help while the good Samaritan came closer. The poor pup was also surrounded by few pruned branches of vines nearby.

Photo from TheDodo

It was shivering because of the possible negative degree temperature, while it was being calmed by the unknown netizen. After a few minutes, the lady behind the camera went inside her car together with the abandoned puppy. The puppy seemed so tame and happy by wagging its tail when it was brought inside the car, as if it had found a new best-friend again.

He was taken to veterinarian for recovery

Photo from TheDodo

The puppy was taken by the lady who rescued him to the veterinarian several times for its fast recovery. He became the Vet’s favorite because of how interactive he is. Soon, the puppy found a foster home and not long ago, after that, a forever family; a forever best-friend.

Bowie” was the name given by the owners who adapted the puppy. It means ‘yellow’ or ‘fair-headed’ in Scottish name meanings even though Bowie’s colour is brown. Probably it was given by his new owners unknowingly.

Photo from TheDodo

He made friends easily with his new parents. He was very ‘at home’ as shown in the snippets of the video. The parents described Bowie as an energetic and playful puppy. He grew up as a bit silly dog as it would always wrestle and chase his other dog siblings. He likes watching other dogs on television. Bowie now is growing up as a ‘good-boy’ and living his deserved life with his loving parents despite his unfortunate past.

Photo from TheDodo

Watch the whole video below.

Author: AB-Jay C. Baltazar

Working as part-time clerk and Barista in Chillax Cafe, NZ. A casual writer employed by his own thoughts.