A New NFT Collection, BitColors, Will Allow Users To Own And Trade Colors

BitColors NFT Collection

BitColors NFT Collection

NFT had its first taste of mainstream success when it became clear that the technology powering them offers a system for solving the ownership and distribution problems associated with the increasingly digitized art world. Even more importantly, it enables a system for establishing the uniqueness and rareness of assets, features that were previously difficult to implement when dealing with the digital forms of art.

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Since 2021 began, we have witnessed just how appealing NFTs can be, with total NFT sales for the first half of the year revealed to be around $2.5 billion. At the forefront of this NFT movement are projects that have resonated with a mainstream audience. Some have retained their prominence because they are viewed as pioneers and have inspired a horde of other NFT projects. One project that comes to mind is CryptoPunks, which is arguably the most prominent NFT collection currently. Experts say that the high sentimental value of this collection is associated with its status as the first-ever NFT on Ethereum.

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As expected, other offerings have copied CryptoPunks’ template with the hopes of feeding off the NFT hype and attracting a strong following. While a handful has achieved a certain degree of success, the majority has failed to recreate a sustainable buzz. Notably, the NFT world is currently filled with rehashed projects trying to recreate the narratives that have propelled original NFT collections to success. In other words, we are inadvertently at risk of normalizing a copy-paste culture. Not many creators out there are interested in creating original pieces inspired by unique ideas. In the end, this approach is bound to raise concerns about the long-term value of such NFTs and reaffirm the perceived fragility of the NFT sector as a whole.

In what has now become a rarity, an upcoming NFT offering seems to have figured out the importance of unconventionality. Despite the growing disregard for originality, BitColors.io has set out to recapture the element of ingenuity that was once the bedrock of the NFT movement.

BitColors NFT Collection

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