Better Palayan City Achieved under Cuevas Administration

Palayan City Mayor

How did Palayan City progressively change into a vibrant city in Nueva Ecija? Here you will find out how. You will be amazed how Mayor Rianne Cuevas pours all her efforts and dedication to the development Palayan City.

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Palayan City Business Hub

Palayan City Business Hub is one of the rising business complexes in the capital of Nueva Ecija. Furthermore, it is the biggest project of Mayor Rianne Cuevas. The business hub consists of 4 buildings. Two (2) buildings were designated for BPOs. Additionally, 1 building is designated as One Stop Service Center for OFW (OSSCO). Agencies are as follows: PSA, BIR, POEA, OWWA, PRC, etc. This OSSCO aims to reduce the burden of our OFWs and citizens’ government transaction. Likewise, other buildings were allotted as hotel and a mall. Overall, it houses more than a thousand employees. Besides, its construction increases employment rate of Palayan City.

Renovation of CDRRMO facility

Mayor Cuevas also prioritized the construction of a bigger CDRRMO facility. Employees were officed in an 800sqm building before. The area limits them to store essential equipment for search and rescue. Moreover, it also restricts them to store relief goods.

Today, the inoperable city arcade has been renovated and transform into City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Facility. The building has 3 levels with a floor area of 0.18 per floor. The first level is dedicated for the evacuees during rescue operations. Also, a clinic, administrative and planning office were also located on the said floor. Additionally, the 2nd floor has been decided to house the Palayan City Command Center. Moreover, the total lot area of CDRRMO is approximately 7,800 square meters and has been allotted for expansion purposes.

Concreting projects

Cuevas administration paved 11 kilometers of public roads within Palayan City. 10.556 kilometers of road is classified as Barangay roads and 1.075 kilometers belongs to city road. This report gives our citizen faster mobility of goods, products and services. Today, there are still on-going concreting projects at Barangays Doña Josefa, Bagong Buhay, Maligaya & Langka.

Electrification & Street lighting

Street lighting and electrification were also funded and prioritized. It is widely observed along Nueva Ecija – Aurora Road traversing the Palayan City proper. Moreover, it is a 4-kilometer stretch of high-density LED powered lights. In addition, it provides security and safety during nighttime for the commuters and citizens.


Many students in universities and colleges wish to finish their study. However, due to poverty, some of them never finished their schooling. Some reasons are high tuition fees, no allowance and financially unstable. So, to address this problem, Cuevas administration offers scholarship. In return, the scholars should maintain a specific average to continue availing the grant.

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It is obvious that the construction of Palayan City Business Hub generates higher employment rates. Many BPO companies hire agents to operate well. As of now, there are still vacant buildings. In addition, many employees will surely flock in the techno hub. Job fairs were also held so job seekers could find jobs that suits them.

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Housing projects

The CSWDO and NHA built houses for qualified citizens of Palayan City. As of this writing, more than 20 families were the beneficiaries from different barangays of the city. This project aims to lessen the burden of our citizens. Moreover, its objective is to give the families a place conducive for living. 

Social welfare

The City Social Welfare and Development supports the LGBTQ+ community and Senior Citizens. Recently, the first LGBTQ rainbow summit took place at Palayan City Conference Center. The event was followed by LGBTQ grand float parade. In addition, programs for the senior citizens were also promoted. Allowances and groceries were given to them.

To Summarize


We all know how hardworking our Mayor is. So let us perform our part, let us do support her.

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