The Top 5 Best Video Chat Apps in 2022

Best Video Chat Apps 2022

Best Video Chat Apps 2022

Video chatting apps have become increasingly popular now that people have limited physical contact. They allow people to stay updated about each other’s lives within the comfort of their homes. Even the industries, such as sales, digital marketing, and client support that switched to working from home, relied on video chat apps to virtually connect with their employees. 

That said, we rounded up five of the best video chat apps this 2022 and how they can help industries and casual users alike. 

The Importance Of Video Chat Apps

There are two main reasons why video chat apps are essential.

First, they let you connect with your family and friends with just a few taps on your smartphone and an internet connection. As a result, you can build relationships with people regardless of distance.

Second, industries, such as customer service and marketing, can use video chatting apps to connect with their clients in real-time. They can even schedule their video meetings, and the app will send a reminder prior to the schedule. This way, employees and clients will have an organized schedule, resulting in more works done without delays.

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The Best Video Chat Apps Of 2022

Video chat apps are people’s way of communication when they cannot physically get together. Now that there is a pandemic, even industries benefit from these apps.

But with so many chatting platforms out there, it can be a challenge to find the best ones that fit casual and office use.

For that reason, we have listed five of the best video chatting apps this 2022.

Facebook Messenger

The majority of the global population uses Facebook. The Statistica Research Department found out that the said social media platform has over 2.5 billion monthly active users as of December 2021. For this reason, Facebook Messenger is among the most accessible ways of virtually connecting with people.

Even companies that need to conduct meetings can use Facebook Messenger’s Room to accommodate up to 50 participants at once. Indeed, this app is one of the best video chat apps of 2022.


Apple’s Facetime is ideal for casual users. Launched to iOS in 2010, Facetime kicked off the age of modern video chat. It offers a collaboration tool called SharePlay, where users can watch movies, share screens, and listen to music together.

However, Facetime does not allow you to record calls.


Many marketers use Instagram for social outreach and brand promotion. But apart from these business uses, Instagram video chat is another powerful feature. Video chatting can either be full-screen or just a tiny window. This way, you can continue promoting your client’s brand and increasing its engagement while talking to them. 

However, Instagram lets you chat with only up to six people. 


Zoom’s popularity exploded in 2020 when COVID-19 forced people to stay at home. What makes it one of the best video chat apps for 2022 is that it can accommodate up to 100 people in a single chatroom. Even better, it is accessible on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The only downside is that chatrooms are limited to 40 minutes. 

Moreover, you can record Zoom meetings and share them with your colleagues. You can even schedule meetings in advance.  

Google Meet

What makes Google Meet one of the best video chat apps this 2022 is its security measures, including Gmail’s security protocols and encrypted conversations. Its free account accommodates up to 100 participants, with one hour of free video chat. But if you need more features, you have to upgrade your account.

The upgraded account lets you increase your guest list to a maximum of 250 people. It also has a screen-sharing feature for simplified presentations. Even better, you can broadcast live streams to a maximum of 100,000 viewers.

The Takeaway

The best video chat apps for 2022 depend on your needs. For instance, people in the corporate world need an app that can host many people. On the other hand, casual users need a video chat app that lets them do things like watching movies and listening to music together.

Best Video Chat Apps 2022

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