Top 5 Best Password Managers of 2022

Best Password Managers 2022

Best Password Managers 2022

Passwords are essential to everyone, especially individuals in the business field. Often, corporate workers need to access various apps using different passwords. But remembering multiple passwords can be challenging. You may even mix up these passwords when using them.

For this reason, having something to manage your password with is convenient since you will not have to memorize your login credentials one by one.

That said, we’ll list the top 5 best password managers this 2022 in this post. This way, you can better keep track of all your passwords, be it for work or personal use.

The Importance Of Password Managers

Let’s be honest – it is difficult to keep track of your passwords. While corporate employees can use simple password combinations, this method can risk the security of the accounts they hold. However, Keeper Security states that 81 percent of data breaches result from weak password security.

For this reason, they end up using complicated passwords that even they sometimes forget. This is where password managers come in handy.

Password managers allow people to create complex password combinations and log in to apps or sites without having to memorize those passwords. Some password managers can even:

  • measure the strength of a password
  • provide a private and secure browsing experience
  • check accounts for data breaches

With these features, corporate employees can ensure that the accounts they handle are secure and threat-free. 

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5 Of The Best Password Managers This 2022   

A password manager is basically a digital vault that protects your login information. For this reason, you need a secure application to ensure that your passwords are safe. That said, here are the top 5 best password managers this 2022:

Last Pass

This browser-based application provides users with free and paid features to keep their login information safe. It utilized the AES 256-bit encryption, thus offering multi-factor authentication for better security.

LastPass is an excellent password manager because its free plan can store unlimited passwords. It even has a digital wallet that stores your credit card information automatically.


Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that offers extensive free features. So, it is no surprise why this platform is one of the top 5 best password managers in 2022. With the Bitwarden free plan, you can sync passwords across multiple devices, access a secure password and credit card storage, and two-factor authentication. Since it is an open-source platform, anyone can inspect and fix it, so users will not have to wait for developer updates for bugs to be fixed. Third parties also audit this platform regularly for added security.


What makes Keeper an excellent password manager is its advanced security levels. This platform even offers customizable security for businesses.

However, Keeper does not offer a free plan. Instead, users need to register for a plan that costs $45 per year. Keeper Business allows you to access:

  • unlimited device access
  • encrypted vault
  • shared team folders
  • team management
  • security auditing
  • activity reporting

That said, Keeper is an excellent solution for huge businesses.


Dashlane is one of the top 5 best password managers in 2022 as it provides dark web scanning to prevent data leaks. You can store up to 50 passwords on one device using the free plan. The free plan also lets you share up to five accounts.  

Notably, Dashlane gives users the ability to replace hundreds of passwords with only one click.


KeePass is another open-source platform for keeping your passwords. You can use it to store unlimited passwords for free, and the platform will keep your login information safe. 

This password manager has various customization features to keep it suitable for your needs. And since KeePass is an open-source platform, you can build extra features without asking permission.

The Takeaway

Password managers are important for keeping your login information safe and remembered. This way, you can use complicated password combinations and lock them all using a single master password. Using the top 5 best password managers this 2022, you can prevent hackers from stealing your passwords and accessing personal files. 

Best Password Managers 2022

  1. This is a handy review. Password managers are an essential part of life in this tech-rich world. I think I have at least 50 passwords for various online courses alone!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I always suggest apps like these to my parents generation. Many of whom are still writing passwords in a notebook.

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