The Best and Free Password Manager for PCs and iPhone 2021

best and free password manager 2021

The reason why you are looking for the best and free password manager(s) for PCs and iPhones in 2021 is obvious. You have multiple accounts that you always forget. The best choice you have is to set “123456789” as your password, which sets you in real danger.

Having this kind of password is easy to crack. Setting up an account with this kind of password is easy to guess and puts your account at risk. Even before, I’ve been using a password manager on my laptop. It has been the safest place to record my accounts for various websites.

Also, as a system and web administrator, having this kind of application gives us an extra layer of security. The good thing about having a password manager on your pc is that you don’t need to write down generated passwords. You don’t have to remember all the keys and characters. Only one (1) master password is needed to unlock all other account passwords.

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KeePass Password Manager

KeePass: Password Manager | ODROID Magazine

The KeePass Password Manager is Free. Additionally, it is user friendly. Even a 7-year-old child can use it. If you do not know where to get it, here is the download link. Once visited, you should download the latest version. Usually, it is located at the top left side of the website.

best and free password manager 2021

You can also scroll down for other free password managers that can be used in 2021. One of which is compatible in our iOS operating systems. We’ll talk about it later.

Once downloaded, it can be easily installed in your PCs. The icon of KeePass Password Manager is a padlock.

If this is your first time to use a password manager in 2021 like the KeePass Password manager, then follow these simple steps to get going.

Open KeePass Password Manager. On the top left corner, select “File“, then “New“, or simply “CTRL + N“. A new window will pop up. It tells you to create your “New Database” of accounts.

best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021

Select “OK” then create the “filename” of your database. Make sure you remember this database because all accounts you created using KeePass Password Manager will be saved over there. It has a .kdbx file extension. Once you save your database filename, you are prompted to key-in your “Master Password”. Save and store this master password.

After entering your master password, you are ready to add your accounts through the “Entry” Tab. Just key-in the credentials of the account you want to add. Also, it has an automatic password generator. But if you have your old password, you can just simply place it in.

best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021

This should be the final view of the KeePass Password Manager once the installation is finished, and a database created. You can also adjust the password length and its characters inclusion in advance settings by clicking the “ICON” after the “REPEAT” placeholder.

The question now is this. What if you are on your mobile phone? How can you open your database if its installed your pc? Let us now proceed to its smartphone device counterpart. In this case, I will be using an iOS compatible application.

Strongbox Password Manager

best and free password manager 2021

The Strongbox Password Manager is compatible with your existing database from KeePass Password Manager. Utilizing this mobile app is like using KeePass on a laptop. If you don’t have a Strongbox Password Manager, you have to install it now.

Go to “App Store“, type in “Strongbox” , “Get” the first link, once completely downloaded, “Open” the app.

best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021

You can now add your existing database from your pc after installing the app. How would you do that?

The first thing to do is “Open” the app. Tap on the plus button on the top right side “+“, then select your existing database.

best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021

After importing the database, it will appear on the the front page of the StrongBox Password Manager. Select the database and log-in the same master password that you use in KeePass Password Manager. It should sync all your account and works perfectly fine.

best and free password manager 2021

These are the Best and Free Password Managers for PCs and iPhones this year. You might not heard of it. But these are the safest password managers out there. Password managers that can be seen from other websites are just advertisements.

These are the most trusted Password Managers in 2021. You might be wondering, Google Password Managers are way better than any of this. Remember how they perform during their senate hearing regarding data privacy.

Anyways, to add, KeePass and Strongbox Password Managers work even you are offline. It doesn’t require any internet connection to view all your saved accounts.

Moreover, the good practice of using password managers is registering accounts through PC or laptop then exporting it. Copying it on your smartphone/iOS devices to keep you updated.

How to Add Account in Strongbox Password Manager

On the other hand, here the simple steps on how to add an account in your existing database using Strongbox Password Manager.

Tap” on the three (3) dots on the top right corner. Then select “New Entry“. Afterward, you will be prompted to key-in the account credentials. You can set the length and characters of your password by tapping the “Settings Icon” next to the green refresh icon. Passwords will be generated. Then, you are to select the password you want to use by “Tapping and Holding“the password.

You can now paste your desired password on the password placeholder. Select “Done“.

best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021
best and free password manager 2021


Having a Password Manager this 2021 and for the next couple of years is a must. Especially this pandemic, workers are forced to work from home. Also, they are obliged to register in different project management applications. This means, creating more online accounts for multiple websites.

If you are a conventional user, then you are sticking with the pen and paper kind of storing your account. That leads you in real danger, your accounts at risk.

In this article, we have shown you one of the best and free password manager(s) in 2021. These are user friendly and free of charge. Moreover, these are the most trusted password managers of system developers around the globe.

  1. Ok, so I obiously need to try one of these password managers! Because I never remember any of my passwords, and those I do try to remember I actually write down in a notebook.. I’ve never installed a password manager before- so the step by step tutorial will come in handy for sure, thanks!

  2. These are great recommendations.I use Android phone it stores passwords on chrome and I use the same password on all my accounts unless if the account requests for upper case and a number. The good thing is that no one can even guess my password. Hackers would have to sweat on their computers. Lol

  3. This most certainly does seem user-friendly, especially since you laid everything out step-by-step for us. Thank you for sharing!

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