Top 8 Best Companies to Work for in Singapore – 2022

Best Companies in Singapore

Best Companies in Singapore 2022

In late November 2021, e-commerce giant Shopee was thrown into the spotlight for its alleged discriminatory hiring practices and toxic work culture.

This was revealed by Wake Up, Singapore, which compiled a series of reviews about working in the company from former, prospective and current employees from Glassdoor, chat messages, and social media comments.

In response to the allegations, Shopee had announced that it will look into these allegations and reiterated its commitment to provide a safe workplace for its employees.

With Glassdoor reviews being a common benchmark for an inside look on a company’s culture, we figured it’s apt to take a look at some of the top-rated companies on the platform since many are on the lookout for a new job in this new year.

(Disclaimer: The below list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other companies in Singapore that have achieved above a 4.0 rating on Glassdoor.)

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Best Companies in Singapore 2022


Google is one of the world’s most successful companies, and it has a strong focus on innovation and smart business practices.

It has consistently been named as one of the best companies to work for and was previously ranked #1 in Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work 2020 list.

According to employee reviews, it offers competitive compensation, has a high-energy company culture, and great work-life balance. It also has a stunning office with plenty of work-play areas and offers free breakfast and lunch for all employees.


Zalora is Asia’s leading online fashion, beauty and lifestyle e-commerce platforms. It has established a strong presence across the region, enjoying over 50 million visits per month.

Zalora employees on Glassdoor lauded the company for having a “flexible and supportive working environment” and employees claimed they learned a lot during their time there. Some also claimed that the management is “open-minded and collaborative”, so employees are free to voice out their opinion and feedback.

Most also cited great career progression opportunities and employee benefits, which include staff discounts.


The computer hardware and software company has made waves in the tech industry, and it is on a mission to drive change to the world. As such, it is an ideal place who have passion for their work and the desire to make an impact.

Microsoft is touted as an “innovating and exciting place to work” that provides work-life balance, flexibility, accessibility, diversity and inclusion.

The great working environment is propelled by attractive remuneration and employee benefits, including free healthcare.


Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. 

Employees raved about Netflix being a good company to work for, as they are given the autonomy to work independently, yet still have the flexibility to work collaboratively with good team members and mentors.

It also offers above-market salary and great perks, such as a “free Netflix account”, “free food” and “good insurance”.


StashAway is a B2C digital wealth management platform that builds personalized investment portfolios to help consumers achieve their financial goals.

Employees praised the fast-growing startup for having a good company culture and capable management, which reflects in a happy working environment. Leadership offers great support and transparency and does their utmost best to help employees grow and thrive within the company.

Some employee benefits include “unlimited annual leave”, employee stock options, bonuses (awarded twice a year), and reimbursement of annual personal insurance premiums.


Formerly known as Facebook, Meta builds technologies to help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses.

It was ranked #2 in Glassdoor’s Best Places To Work 2020 list. Employees described Meta as having a “dynamic” work environment that allows you to work with “smart people from all over the world”. It offers “intellectually rewarding work” and has a very nurturing leadership who cares about employees’ growth.

It also has an attractive benefits package, including extensive healthcare coverage (claims of up to S$3,000 per year), flex benefits that can be used for well-being expenditures such as massages and mental well-being programs, as well as insurance claims.


Best Companies in Singapore 2022

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