Axie Infinity Sells Two Triple Mystic Axies for $1.1M

Axie Infinity Philippines

Philippines – NFT game Axie Infinity sold two Triple Mystic Axies for $1.1 million combined, making them the most expensive axis ever sold.

Axie Infinity in the Philippines

Axies Infinity soared in popularity as a Pokemon-inspired play-to-earn blockchain game in the Philippines. To win the game, players need to take care of digital pets called Axies. They can also battle and trade these digital pets in exchange for tokens. 

Moreover, Axie Infinity is built under the Ethereum blockchain. 

To get an Axie, players need to buy one on the official Axie Infinity marketplace after they have completed their account setup. 


The Most Expensive Axies

Recently, the NFT game was able to sell two of its most expensive Axies — #1046 and #3224. When combined, the total amount of these two Triple Mystic Axies cost 500 ETH, equivalent to $1.1 million. 

Axies are sold through auctions where the seller will choose the start and end price, as well as the length of time that the auction will be up. The seller needs to enter the transaction into the Ethereum blockchain using a wallet interface to complete the auction process. 

Such is the reason why Axies #1046 and #3224 were sold for $1.1 million. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

An NFT is a form of digital asset that acts as a representation of real-world objects. It exists in the form of art, games, videos, and music. You can buy and sell NFTs online, often using cryptocurrency. They are encoded using the same software as most digital currencies. 

Additionally, a majority NFTs are one of a kind. If they are not, they only have a limited copy, each having unique identifying codes. 

Axie Infinity Philippines

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