Arnault Vs Nazareno Case Digest – G.R. No. L-3820 July 18, 1950

Arnault Vs Nazanero Case Digest

Arnault Vs Nazareno Case Digest

Facts – Arnault Vs Nazareno Case Digest

A petition for habeas corpus was filed by Arnault to relieve him from his confinement in the New Bilibid Prison

Arnault was cited for contempt by the Senate. It is because of persistently refusing to reveal the name of the person to whom he gave a sum of money in connection to the Buenavista and Tambobong Estates deal the Senate was investigating.

The Government, through the Rural Progress Administration, bought the Buenavista and Tambobong Estates. The entire amount allocated to buy said estates was given to a certain Burt, through his representative petitioner Arnault. 

He was ordered imprisoned and claims to be released as Congress is no longer in session.



  1. Whether or not contempt of court and its sanction is dependent on the Congress’ session.
  2. Whether Arnault can be relieved from answering the query by merely declaring that to do so is self-incriminating?



1. The Senate is a continuing body and therefore the incarceration should continue despite the election of the Lower House.

2. No. Since according to Arnault himself the transaction was legal, and that he gave the representative of Burt in compliance with the latter’s verbal instruction, there is no basis upon which to sustain his claim that to reveal the name of that person might incriminate him.

Petition is denied with cost to petitioner

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