Apploi raises $25M to address the healthcare hiring crunch

Apploi healthcare hiring platform

Apploi healthcare hiring platform

Healthcare has a hiring crisis. Nearly 20% of medical workers have quit their jobs during the pandemic, according to a recent Morning Consult survey. Some studies estimated the healthcare system’s burnout cost at about $4.6 billion a year before the spread of COVID-19, a number that has likely risen.

Organizations have increasingly ramped up benefits and hiring in an effort to address the challenges. But they still face roadblocks, including overly long onboarding and vetting for employees.

Adam Lewis pitches the platform he founded eight years ago, Apploi, as the solution. Originally aimed at hirers and job seekers across a range of industries, Apploi has since narrowed its focus to healthcare as it looks to stand out in a sea of HR startups.

Investors are rewarding the pivot with an infusion of fresh capital. Apploi today announced that it raised $25 million in a Series B round led by m]x[v Capital with participation from Defy and Underscore, bringing the company’s total raised to $38 million.

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Pivoting to healthcare

When Lewis spoke to TechCrunch in 2015, he framed Apploi as a way to allow service industry workers to “put their best foot forward” with tools to share videos of their personality and skills. The company offered mobile-, web- and kiosk-based apps designed to help users submit multiple applications while providing companies “with the data that they need to make informed decisions.”

Apploi is decidedly more employer-focused, now, having invested in a suite of hiring and onboarding tools tailored for healthcare companies. For example, Apploi can assist with the collection, monitoring, and updating of staff credentials with reminders to keep nurses’ and caregivers’ licensures up to date. Digital employee records integration helps recruiters reconnect with past applicants, while built-in messaging (for email and text) and interview scheduling ostensibly simplifies the hiring process.


Apploi healthcare hiring platform

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