Amie is a new calendar app with a social twist

Amie calendar app

Amie calendar app

Meet Amie, a startup working on a brand new productivity app for both individuals and teams. The company is unveiling its app this week and users can sign up to the waitlist. Amie is a well-designed calendar app that helps you get things done and keep up with your team.

Amie was founded by Dennis Müller, who previously worked as a product manager for challenger bank N26. Creandum, as well as Tiny.VC and several business angels, backed the company early on so that it could work on its product without too much pressure.

And what I saw during a demo with Müller was a polished app that could easily attract a loyal user base. There are a lot of tiny details that make it much more convenient than the default option for many companies, which is Google Calendar.

When you open Amie, it looks like a calendar, there’s no question about it. You can see the current week with all your events, click on an event to get details, and move from one week to another.

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But Amie is quite opinionated in its feature set, especially around todo items. You can open your todo list in a column right next to your calendar and view them this way. But you can also drag them from the sidebar and drop them in the main calendar view to assign a date and time to your todo.

In the left-side column, you can also see a list of avatars. If you’re using Slack intensively, it looks a bit like the icons on the left to switch from one workspace to another.

In Amie’s case, those icons represent other people in your team. Like in instant messengers, you can see if they’re currently available or busy based on their calendar. And if you hover over their avatar, you can toggle their calendar. For instance, it’s a good way to find out when it would be a good time to set up a meeting.

Each person also gets their own profile. On this separate page, you can see what someone is doing right now, get a reminder about their birthday, add a few notes and view when was the last time you were together. You can also set recurring reminders. It’s a lightweight feature that could help you stay in touch with people more regularly.


Amie calendar app

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