ACCFA vs CUGCO Case Digest G.R. No. L-21484 November 29, 1969

ACCFA vs CUGCO Case Digest

ACCFA vs CUGCO Case Digest

On September 4, 1961 a collective bargaining agreement, which was to be effective for a period of one (1) year from July 1, 1961, was entered into by and between the Unions and the ACCFA. A few months thereafter, the Unions started protesting against alleged violations and non-implementation of said agreement. Finally, on October 25, 1962 the Unions declared a strike, which was ended when the strikers voluntarily returned to work on November 26, 1962.

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The confederation of Unions in Government Corporations and Offices (CUGCO) filed a complaint against Agricultural Credit and Cooperative Financing Administration (ACCFA) before the Court of Industrial Relations on the ground of alleged acts of unfair labor practices; violation of the collective bargaining agreement in order to discourage the members of the Unions in the exercise of their rights to self-organization, discrimination against said members in the matter of promotions and refusal to bargain


Whether or not ACCFA is a government entity



ACA was established to carry out its purpose. The land reform program contemplated in the said code is beyond the capabilities of any private enterprise to translate into reality.

The decision appealed from are set aside and /or modified in accordance with the foregoing pronouncements.

No costs.

We hold, therefore, that insofar as the fringe benefits already paid are concerned, there is no reason to set aside the decision of the respondent Court, but that since the respondent Unions have no right to the certification election sought by them nor, consequently, to bargain collectively with the petitioner, no further fringe benefits may be demanded on the basis of any collective bargaining agreement.

ACCFA vs CUGCO Case Digest

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