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Welcome to www.Oganiza.com, your Palayan city website developer and social media marketing strategist living near the Palayan City Business Hub.

I started blogging in 2012 using BlogSpot platform but discontinued because of my studies. I never forget how useful blogging was to me, so I waited the right time to continue. On September 30, 2018, I created CrinkleHub using WordPress content management system as a trial and see how it works. On January 1, 2019, I decided to buy my own official website under the link www.Oganiza.com.  

There are several reasons why I created this website. First, it aims to express my views and opinions. Furthermore, it serves to be as a platform to share my ideas and experiences. Thirdly, I would like to share with you the current situation in the City of Palayan.

I purchased www.Oganiza.com last January 2019 and the first to have an online portfolio in Palayan City. Since then, I have noticed the inevitable emergence of technology in my city. With that in mind, I pursue to create content on my website, advocating the significance of website and an online presence.


Today, it is visible on every social media outlet the variety of ways of vending professional services and online shops. However, their perseverance is insufficient due to lack of online presence.

Many entrepreneurs nowadays highly depend on social media like Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest. Yes, they might be able to use these channels, but not strategically in marketing way.

The presence of Oganiza brings website development, e-commerce and digital marketing in Palayan City. My network of competitive digital strategist from Palayan city will make sure your business brings significant impact to your viewers and potential clients.

On the other side, I personally perform blogging and write reviews of different niches. Furthermore, I also have a network of bloggers and influencers whom you can hire to review your products and services in exchange of amenities of your choice or depending on our terms and agreements.

Lastly, I am hoping that this blog would become online community of Palayanos. Moreover, I am hopeful that this website would be home of worthy articles and branded contents.

Questions about me, your Palayan city website developer or inquiries on any significant matter you can inbox me using this website’s contact form or via e-mail.      

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