8 Reasons to Date a Computer Engineer: Rank 8th should be attested.

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Every now and then, there are rumors that engineers are difficult to understand because of their way of thinking; that their mentality is different from other existing professions.

Civil engineers are specialized for structural analyses, electrical engineers for electrical diagrams, computer engineers for networking and design of wide range of IT infrastructures.

Moreover, they have diverse techniques to court and date woman. In this post, we will be going to write reasons why computer engineers make a good partner and why you should try to date one.

1. Rare breed

Due to the increase of computerization, there is a high demand for them. Because of this situation, they are hard to find. You can’t easily find them along cross roads chit-chatting with every one else. They are busy configuring networks and coding to make this world a better place to live.

Same thing goes with the dating world. If you are lucky to have a partner like them, they will work hard to make your relationship better.

2. They are problem fixers

With the current trends that surrounds, many of you are outdated. You get new device but somehow how you find it difficult to manage. Unlike others, they have set of skills that no other engineers have. They always strive to learn about everything.

Because they are tech-savvy, 98% of the time they know how to figure out your problem.

Lucky you if you have one. In real world, dating a computer engineer solves all your problems. He can solve your problems related to every day technology. If you lost your password or you want to recover corrupted files. They are the right choice.

3. They are smart

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No one would argue that computer engineers are intelligent. They are men behind what you are interacting today. You are benefiting from their work every day. From facebook, youtube, google chrome. Any applications you’ve been using on your smartphones are the fruit of their labor.

In the real world, dating a computer engineers is less emotional and more logical. With this skill, you will never experience overreaction whenever you get to into trouble against them.

When it comes to relationship, they are calm when dispute arises. Problems are weighed logically.

4. They got nerves of a genius

You are in the IT infrastructure business when suddenly everything goes down. Your technical staffs aren’t favored with the situation. Try considering these geniuses in the field of computer engineering.

Place them into your technical working group and see how fast problem is being solved. (That is why they are paid so well.)

5. They are strategic and good planners

Engineers always have long-term plans. And because of their way of living, it is rest assured that your financial stability is in the right hand. Like being said that they are paid so well, they are likely to achieve greater heights and stability in the near future.

6. Cheating is a bad idea

Because of their professionalism and work ethic, they are more likely considered as workaholic rather than a cheater. They are honest and loyal. Now, It is your turn to look for guys like us.

They might be shy at first and more likely not to go into deep relationship until they find what they really love. If they give their heart to you, please handle it with care.

7. Sweeter than honey

If they find themselves being with you makes them deeply worthy, they will do the same in return or much satisfying. Encoded program applications are sample gifts they can make for you. Moreover, they would buy you expensive gifts to satisfy your desires through surprises.

8. Great in Bed

Here’s the climax. After knowing the fact that they are intelligent, smart ass, rare breed of professionals, long-term planners, loyal and sweet, it is best to know that inside their crib, they are really good in bed. Sleeping is their hobby.         


These reasons are based on my research and personal views. The 8th reason must be verified first. If you think that number 8 should be included, then comment positively. Comment and suggest what you think is better substitute for it. I am waiting for your personal views.

Write down below what topic about computer engineering should be tackled on this blog.

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