7 Years of Love for Palayan City’s Next Generation of Leaders.

Palayan City Youth Organization

There are three kinds of love: self-love, romantic-love, and community-love. All these love have one thing in common, acceptance.

Acceptance is what we all need, especially the youth, to grow, to learn, and to prosper as an individual in spite of all the hardships, challenges and misfortunes. And as the Junior Citizen Organization (JCO) celebrates its 7th anniversary this February 2020 we exist to expand this kind of love, the community love. 

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JCO’s years of Love

JCO is an organization in the National Youth Commission composed of young adults within the community of Nueva Ecija. It aims to educate the youth about spirituality, wisdom, leadership, responsibility, love, law and other preparation for the outside world. By organizing charity events that are fun and knowledgeable, projects that create positive social impact in the community. Developing changemakers for they are the so-called hope of the future. 

Nurturing the dreams, we all have deep in our hearts. And we, as the young ones should only not dream for ourselves but also for the future of our nation. I believe the greatest achievement that anyone could have is by extending our service to others. Sharing our lives to one another, uplifting and encouraging everyone to fulfill their dreams.

Future Leaders for the next Generation

Youth organizations is more than just volunteering, it is creating real change, it is doing something for the next generation, spreading hope for the broken hearts. It is simply giving joy to others, it is family. This kind of organization is worthy, leaving such insightful inspiration that makes us come together to give happiness, hope, and purpose.

It tackles issues like: human rights, child abuse, women empowerment, poverty, environmental preservation, and conservation. Topics that are relevant to our society and the youth should be aware of.

In JCO, their goal is to create new breeds of future youth leaders, helping the youth to break into their comfort zones, empowering to harness every individual to shape the future of their dreams. making their lives matter, touching their hearts with inspiration and keeping love and peace. Encouraging everyone to be their best– to be their own authentic, confident, passionate, stronger self.

You are reading: Palayan City Youth Organization

Salute to all Youth!

Youth is such a wonderful time in our lives. Do something for a meaningful cause. Thrive for your family. Pursue your vision and aspirations for the future. Build good relationships. Develop that creativity. Practice that talent. We all have great potential in us.

And if all else fails, or if a tragedy dared to stop us like the Taal Volcano’s eruption recently last January 12, 2020. Where thousands of families had experienced loss. 

May it remind us to never stop helping the community in need, that we all have each other’s back. With everything that the world could knock us down, may we all rise stronger.

Our generation should pursue a dream of a better Philippines, and you know what? We could always do more. Together, let’s change the world! Right now, all this country needs are yellow, red, white and you(th).

Author: Lucille Mendez

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