5 Luxurious Things that are Completely Worth Your Money

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5 Luxurious Things that are Completely Worth Your Money

We all like to be smart with our money. But that doesn’t always mean picking the least luxurious choice. In fact, sometimes the costlier item or experience can be the one that is most worth your hard-earned cash, while the cheapest can be the major waste.

Most of us spend money on things we don’t really care about at the expense of the things we do without even realizing it.

Stefanie O’Connell, financial expert and author of ” The Broke and Beautiful Life,” told Business Insider.

So step one is defining your priorities, then tracking your expenditure to see if you’re actually spending in alignment with those priorities, and making adjustments as needed.

You should also consider the added value something can bring to your life. “Before spending a lot of money on an item or service, it may be good to know what value it brings to you,” Roger Ma, certified financial planner and founder of Life Laid Out, told Business Insider.

Here are six expensive things, from financial experts that are completely worth the money.


About 70% of students graduate from university with student loan debt, and there have been plenty of debates on whether getting a higher education is even worth it. Despite this, Ma said that education is most definitely worth spending money on.

“An investment in yourself is typically worth it,” Ma said.

Increasing your knowledge could ultimately increase your human capital — that is, how much money you’re able to command from your employer. Besides, learning new material keeps life interesting and exciting.


Travel can be upright for your body and your overall well-being, NBC reports. O’Connell said that it’s something she spends money on herself. “I love to splurge on travel because it brings me joy,” O’Connell said.


If your clothes don’t fit well, they won’t look good, irrespective of what designer made them. So instead of thinking about what brands to splurge on, think about how to make something a custom fit.

“I think fit is much more important than the name on the tag,” Ma said. “No matter what price you pay for your clothes, make sure they fit.”

That means paying for modifications, such as shortened sleeves or pant legs, he said. “Nice-fitting clothes make an enormous difference.”

4. Services that save you time

Both Ma and O’Connell agree on splurging on services that help save you time. “Time is the one thing you can’t get back,” Ma said.

If you work in a time-intensive job, then outsourcing certain services could be worth it, including cleaning, painting, and general house repair.

My boyfriend and I both use meal subscription services like Hello Fresh, and we recently hired someone to clean our apartment once a month.

We’re at the point in our lives where time is our most valuable resource, so paying for things that help us buy back some of our time makes a lot of sense.


Who wouldn’t want to invest in his or her own health? For O’Connell, it’s the most vital expense.

“I’m big on healthy things — group fitness classes, fresh produce, and the occasional fresh-pressed juice,”

O’Connell said.

“Beyond my physical health, I find these expenses provide a ton of value to my mental health.”

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