$350,000 Bored Ape NFT sells for just $115

$115 Bored Ape NFT 

$115 Bored Ape NFT 

The owner of Bored Ape #835 is probably beating himself up after mistakenly accepting a bid of $115 for his ape valued at over $300,000.

In what appears to be a “fat finger” error, the OpenSea user who goes by the name “cchan” accepted a bid of $115 (115 DAI) for BAYC #835, which was acquired for $50k last summer. Sadly, the ape real value of the Bored Ape is over $300k.

OpenSea’s records show that the owner had previously sold another NFT (Mutant Ape #11670) worth $76,000 for 25 DAI or $25 to the same buyer.

BAYC #835 is one of the rarest pieces in the prestigious Bored Ape collection, making it quite expensive in comparison to others. Several other buyers had offered up to 106 ETH for the piece before the expensive mistake was made, leaving many surprised why he did not accept the higher bids and a few suggesting that it might all have been a hack.

Some users claim that the seller could have mistaken DAI for ETH. DAI is a Stablecoin parallel with the USD, while 115 ETH is valued at over $360,000 going at current rates.

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Meanwhile, a Twitter user named artchick.eth stated that it “feels more like a tax evasion attempt” on the part of the user.

According to the seller, he had not initiated any transaction while maintaining a high level of security during travel. He added that he would be “hard-pressed to call it a hack” and “was in the process of figuring it out as well.”

The buyer’s footprint on the platform revealed that he regularly makes bids on BAYC NFTs with DAI in the hopes that someone might eventually accept his offer.


$115 Bored Ape NFT 

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