10 of the Best Online Web Development Tools (Free and Paid)

Best Online Web Development Tools

Best Online Web Development Tools

The individually coded method of web development is long gone and forgotten. Right now, online web development platforms are increasing in popularity, making the process of website creation fast — from coding to web design. As a result, many web owners are able to design their internet presence exactly how they want to.

If you want to experience the same ease of web development, take a look at the top 10 best web development tools of 2021.


This platform is designed for beginners to try for free. You need not have any knowledge about coding to be able to use it. 

Feature-wise, FreeCodeCamp offers a curriculum that you can take to know more about coding. That includes five projects. Once done, you will receive a certification and will be allowed to apply what you learned in practice after finishing your studies within the platform. 


Udemy is a paid platform that’s ideal for businesses. It provides excellent skills development training for your staff without having to pay for much. This learning space has a plethora of courses that you can access in over 60 languages. What’s more, the courses it offers are created by industry professionals. So, if you are an entrepreneur who’s looking to develop the skills of your employee or to develop a user-friendly website, Udemy is a great choice.


You cannot access Treehouse for free. However, if you want to develop skills in design and coding, it is a platform from where you can learn.

The courses are taught using interactive videos, challenges, and quizzes. Treehouse also offers coding workshops. Additionally, it offers courses for groups.

Moreover, you have three choices in terms of pricing:

  • Courses: $25/month
  • Courses Plus: $49/month
  • Techdegree: $199/month


W3Schools is one of the most recommended free coding platforms. It is ideal for beginners who want to learn CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Its website offers many learning materials for programming languages. More than that, the easy-to-understand information allows users to master the skills of programming. 


To access Lynda.com, you need to pay a $19.99 subscription fee first. In 2015, LinkedIn acquired the platform and rebranded it as LinkedIn Learning. That said, you first need to get a premium LinkedIn account so you can access this platform. 

Moreover, Lynda.com is your go-to destination if you want to learn about programming, graphic design, and AutoCAD. While it’s not feature-rich, it still works excellently if you’ll use its additional benefits. 


The Odin Project

This one is a free platform where one can develop their skills for web development. In fact, many people who are looking for a web development job choose this program to learn more skills. 

It discusses topics in a way that beginners can easily understand. Additionally, it has a community that you contact in a chatroom to ask about programming. 


Coursera offers over 3,500 courses and one of them is web programming. If you don’t need course certifications, you can enjoy this platform for free. It would even let you download learning materials if you want to study offline. 

This platform can help you acquire knowledge about CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. This way, you will be able to create high-quality websites on your own.


This platform is an excellent free tool for web developers with various levels of expertise. It allows you to practice code challenges called “kata.” Even professional software engineers find kata helpful in developing their skills further. The platform also has a community where you can compare your solutions with others. This way, you will find out if you have something incorrectly coded. If you’re a beginner, Codewars can help you develop your skills.


Pluralsight’s web development courses are authored by experts in the industry. It offers thousands of video courses and guides along with in-browser coding challenges when you subscribe to a premium account. You will be able to develop skills in software development, data analysis, IT ops, software architecture, AI, and creative topics like 3D animation and game development. 

The platform offers monthly, annual, and premium subscriptions:

  • Monthly: $29
  • Annually: $299 
  • Premium: $449

However, one thing worth noting is that this platform does not offer a lifetime subscription. 

Traversy Media

Traversy Media is a successful YouTube channel that offers web development courses and tutorials for free. It has tutorials for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Regardless of your expertise level, Traversy Media has something to offer. 

Its owner Brad Traversy is a programming expert with 12 years of experience. For this reason, you can ensure that you will learn a lot from his courses.


Web development is something that’s becoming popular these days. For this reason, it would be a good idea for website owners and those who want to learn about programming to use web development platforms so they can develop their skills. Here’s the recap of:

The Best Online Web Development Tools of 2021

Best Online Web Development Tools

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